Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hello! ^_^


I haven't post anything for the longest time ever and i am so sorry! ^_^ Since awhile now, well, for the second time, i am on treatment for a severe depression which explain my long absence but now i am back on my own two feet and ready to face whatever life is throwing at me! :D

With all the stress and medications has brought quite some changes and i must say the most undesirable; Acne! Pimple! Red marks! As if my skin is boiling with emotions! lol Which brought me to do a review on a product that i tried for the first time.

MURAD, Acne complex 60 days kit

This kit comes with 4 products.
1- The clarifying cleanser
2- Exfoliating Acne treatment gel.
3- Skin perfecting lotion
4- Acne spot treatment.

So what this product says:

"Acne Complex is a maximum strength regimen that delivers rapid results without dryness or irritation. Murad Acne products are both effective and gentle because they are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and enriched with hydrators, anti- inflammatory and antioxidants according to Dr. Murad's recipe for skin health. 92% of users experienced a reduction in acne breakouts in just 3 days*."

What got me into this is it said that the users experienced a reduction in acne breakouts in just 3 days. I couldn't wait to get my face cleared a little bit in just few days so i followed the instruction to the letter. Within 3 or 4 days into using this product, i must say i freak out, instead of clearing out i got eruptions of more pimples here and there!

My forehead didn't had any pimples when i started using and on my chin, there were lots more! I had one side of my face that i had problem with which got a lot worst and the other side that was clear was now red spotted. I was embarrassed of my face that turned into a huge pizza! So tried to cover it up with make up which made it more worst at the end of the day. At this point, i am thinking what the hell have i done?

So, in a desperation, i posted this picture and talked about what it did to my skin. Some people have had the same result but with other product such as Proactive, some said that it might be my skin type that is not made to use for this product and so on. So, i only come to one conclusion of my own, to go back to my old cleanser and just deal with this disaster --" . ... After few days with not really helping comments, one came with a logical explanation. As any woman who knows about products should know that for the skin to adjust properly to a new products, as for example an acne treatment, it takes at least 2 weeks! Dumb me, i didn't think of that!

Even though it says it takes 3 days to take effect, that must be talking about acne that is quite simple. Since some acne is below the skin and products bring it up to the surface so it can be extracted. Quite logical isn't? So, i decided to give a second chance to this product and now, i am on my second week. I must says, the bumps i use to feel are now gone, small pimple here and there but nothing serious, they dry out and disappear. Now all that i have left is the redness but it should clear out.... In time! lol