Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Sugarpill for a Lime Crime?

Since a while now, i have been looking at these 2 brands to new palettes of shadows, Sugarpill and Lime Crime.

For sure Lime Crime has me totally in love with their lipstick and lip gloss but when it comes to their eyeshadow, well, i'm not so sure but sometimes i get myself caught admiring one of their palette:

Image from

Chinadoll palette:
The shades that got me into this is the Fly dragon fly (Fiery red in matte finish) Goldfish (Bright gold in metallic finish) Jade-o-Lade (Rich jade in matte finish) and of course the Lotus Noir (Blackest black in matte finish). The only shade i am not so sure about this palette is the Parasol (Sky blue in matte finish)

Only one shade made me wait to make my final purchase but then Lime Crime announced their new palette to be launched: Palette d"Antoinette. Before even seeing the palette, there was one shades that got my attention, is obviously the purple shade shown on the poster for that palette. Then, they unveiled their palette which contains 5 pastel hues and honestly, i am no fan of pastel colors even if they are trendy these days so i went back to my choice on their Chinadoll palette. Their price? 34.99$us.

Now, about Sugarpill Cosmetics. I have not made any purchase from this brand just yet but i read a lot of reviews about them and they too get my attention on their palette. Unlike Lime Crime, they have 2 palettes and another one to be released soon.

Burning heart.

Burning heart is definitely one of their popular palettes and i like it too! This is my very first choice  when it come to Sugarpill palettes.

The shades are Flamepoint (orange matte) Buttercupcake (Bright yellow matte) Love+ (Red matte) and Poison Plum (Purple plum matte)

I absolutely love the choice of shades on this palette and it is my very first choice if i am to choose this brand for this month purchase. The color payoff seems to be great also and an amazing pigmentation.


Sweetheart is, well, filled with sweet colors. My opinion on the colors? I love the Afterparty (Blue matte) Midori (Green matte) and Tako (White matte). Since i am not a huge fan of pink so, i might never use the Dollipop (Hot pink matte) if i am to purchase this but luckily, they do also sell they shadows individually which i can buy my two favorites ones from this palette which are Midori and Tako!

Their third palette is due to launch in May 18th and unfortunately, i couldn't find any image of it on google...of course! But let me tell you, it does seem to be a nice quad. There will be a green lime, a royal blue, purple, and some sort of sea blue/green. They are all matte finish, this palette will sure be a Heart Breaker! This will be their last palette from their "Heart" series. Unfortunately, Sweetheart is out of stock and probably, they will be re-stocking it soon since there was no words of discontinuing the series! Their palette is 34$us each.

For sure Lime Crime has the deal with 5 colors for 34.99$ compare to 34$ for 4 colors with Sugarpill. But, there are more chances that i would wear Burning heart shades than the Chinadoll's ones...

I think i made my choice! :D You shall see when i will make my purchase and receive my package! :D

Stay true and fabulous!

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