Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Once upon a spring, in Ivujivik

I think i am so over due for an update on this blog but this time, its a different update, not the usual findings on the net. Let me share a little bit about how life is in ivujivik lately.

Picture taken by Elisapi Ainalik

Last week, it was pretty much a whole week of blizzard, well, more like 3 days of it. The wind gusted close to 80km/h at times, sometimes at 60. On a day like that, you have to fully gear up to face the wind. That means a very good parka, warm winter pants, mittens, scarf, a good pair of winter boots with good traction if you don't want to be blown away and ski-goggles! Make sure you cover yourself completely if you don't want a feeling of being sand blasted by the snow!

Picture taken by Elisapi Ainalik 

Since i move to the great north, i have seen a once in a lifetime event! These past couple of weeks, we've been seeing all kind of whales, Killer whales, Humpback whales and Belugas whales. In my 6 years here, i have never seen all those whales at one place at the same time! Apparently, the killer whales were on a hunt for a beluga! I missed the opportunity to see that day. The day after the kill, there were a lot of seagulls by the ice and opening water scavenging what was left of the kill. This is my most memorable moments of all time living here with the inuit. It is a moment that i will always treasure .

Picture taken by Elisapi Ainalik
Since i didn't had my camera batteries charged
i didn't had the opportunity to take pictures myself which i am so disappointed! We'll probably still have a week or so with the whales around and i hope to have time to snaps some pictures!

Stay true and fabulous!

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