Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life in the littlest town of ivujivik

As i was browsing in my picture folder, i though i'd share some pix that i have taken awhile a back ago.

Ivujivik is the northest village of the province Quebec and this is where i choose to settle. It's been now 6 years, permanently, traveled from 2000 to 2006. Before that i used to lived in Montreal for 5 years. What made me decide to settle in such farthest place you might ask? Well, obviously, for love. At first for a guy (lasted 10 years) then i had worked.

That 2 story building is where my office is and that's the youth center. The only place that the youth has to escape home, gather with friends, play with video games consoles because many can't afford them, ping pong and such. The youth center is localted pretty much  right in front of the beach and that gives me amazing view of the scenery. Especially when the ice are breaking off during spring! The blue that reflects from the ices are just beautiful! But there is also the danger of wild animal! Polar bear have been seen near by the building, as close as the road just right behind it!

The one and only local store, Ivujivik Co-op. Well..the one and only store in town! What can i say about this, well, this is the only store to do grocery and let me tell you, you might never see such expensive food in store than in this one! When i do my grocery, it cost me about 200 to 300$ for let's say 3 or 4 days worth of meals! That's without counting the daily needs such as toilet paper. Even the vegetables doesn't arrive fresh most of the time and that's about the only things that "affordable", maybe next time i should post my next shopping list just to simply show you how expensive it is! I can't even imagine how a family of 3 or 4 kids or more can sustain with such expense after paying the house rent, phone bills, some, internet bills, cable...oh my! i just can't believe how survival can be harsh here! With both parents working and yet, they are barely able to make it and many, teenagers are helping out with all of this while other teenagers would be hanging out with their friends, going out for movies and such at their parents expense...

Luckily, hunting and fishing comes to a great help to families to make ends met when it comes to feeding the family and it is also a common social interaction among the Inuit here. Also, this is a way to get the most fresh meat that you can ever find up north! When hunters get a kill like let's say, a caribou, a beluga, seal, ptarmigans or even fishes, all the games are shared with family in the village, all 80 houses get to have their share, even if it means to have one fish, they are still very thankful of the share they get.

Then, there are the sunsets! Every evening, nature paints a different landscape every day, One as beautiful as the other. You will never see other sunset as those we get here, nor the northern light. The northern has its own beauty and magnificent views to offer every day. With each and every sunset i set, i am thankful to have made my day and hoping i made a difference in someone else life! :)

Stay True and Fabulous!

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  1. Dear Ms.Marie,
    Greetings. I have come across your blog while searching about Ivujivik. I am an educator in a private university in Japan, Osaka, and the founder of Geosymbiotic Workshop, which creates collaboration projects to bring innovation. It is based on Geosymbiosis, which is a term to describe a vision and an attitude to strive for the harmonic coexistence of all living forms on this Earth. We have done some projects in the Philippines in the past to make collaborative livelihood design, costume and musical instrument design, Dance, and a Festival named the united one, and collaborated with the people of Bantayan island that suffered the super Typhoon. The reason that I wished to write to you is to ask as the Youth Coordinator, of your opinion of what is the difficulties that the youth in Nunavik region is facing that is increasing the suicide rates among youth.
    I am searching different documents, but wished to get a timely opinion as well, and if you can kindly provide me with your thoughts, I would truly appreciate. http://www.setsunan.ac.jp/led/teachers/ is my university, and I teach Geosymbiosis and Design, architecture etc. The workshop that I wish to held this year in Canada is planned to promote collaborations with the Indigenous cultures and especially the youth from the North parts of Canada or in Winnipeg. If you can also describe what are the activities that the youth like these days, although they seem very very busy helping out their parents and for daily survival, if you can suggest some collaborative activities that the Youth may be interested to do with the students from Asia or other parts of the world, please kindly advise.
    My email is t-shirat@led.setsunan.ac.jp or you can find me in FB.
    I am sorry to abruptly write you this letter here, and apologies in advance if it was an inappropriate content to your blog intent. Sincerely yours, Takeshi Shiratori, Setsunan University