Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be darling, be girly, BE YOU!

Ever since i started buying cosmetic online, i prefer loose powder pigments than pressed eyeshadow. My very first findings were Pure Luxe Cosmetics and MAD minerals but then i started to like one more than the other on certain things. Pure Luxe Cosmetics as an example; i prefer much their pigment than MAD minerals and MAD minerals for their primer and indelible eyeshadow cream.

These two are my main favorite ones but i am always looking for a new discovery. As i was doing a research for a warm golden green, i stumbled on Darling Girl Cosmetics. I haven't made any purchase from them yet but they do have some interesting shades. What i like from the website is that they list their products by category, well, most website now do i guess lol. The first shades that i always check for are purples! I adore purple shades and it's always my first look, even though i own many purple shades but it's never enough!

"Alright-Ma!" is a blue based purple with sparkle shifting colors.

By the look of it, i love it! This would probably be my next fave when it comes to my purple collection, the price on these are 5.90$us for full size and 2.50$us for petite format.

As a darker shade; "Dark Heart" one word, in love! Ok, that's 2 words! lol

Dark heart is a blackened violet on a metallic burgundy base with blue and pink sparkles! This is definitely a sexy color isn't!

"What up moon pie?" is a royal rich purple with a subtle color shifting mica from red, orange and yellow depending on the angle. Quite unusual color shift for a purple isn't? But lovely!

"Sushi Flower" I may say that this is an amazing, iridescent blue/purple with a rainbow of "diamond dust" sparkles.

From their purple shades, this is my second favorite one as a light purple shade and i just love the way it sparkles but, pictures never do justice when it comes to catching sparkles on camera.

"Still at the nerd table" is a deep eggplant with red iridescent undertones.

Now, onto other shades, Green! Well, i took a look at their shades and only one caught my eyes;

"Die! Die! My darling!" This is a gorgeous kelly green with gold and pink sparkles! This is definitely a green i would wear often, looking sexy and dangerous! >:-D

I didn't really find any other interesting shades than these and that might be my future purchase when i will be able to spend for myself. I am on a serious ban lately but i can wait, they will still be available when i get the chance to buy then, for now, i can only imagine what color combination i can do with these!

DGC also has what they call watercolor paint pots. Its a multipurpose product, cream type base that can be used as cream eyeshadow, they also make a good eyeliner.

  My selection from these watercolor paint pots?

"Pyramid of skulls" is a deep shimmering burgundy. This would be an awesome base for "Still at the nerd table" or with "OMG!" from Pure Luxe cosmetics.

 Of course, i can let "Wildly dancing children" slip! This is an eggplant with some red flash.

This would look lovely as an eyeliner or as a base with "Sushi Flower"

In my opinion, i doubts about these paint pots because it says that they are not waterproof but once set they are pretty smudge proof, they also recommend to use primer with.

These are pretty much the items that i am interested in that website and i hope this was a new discovery for you too :)

If you're interested in these items and more;
Please visit Darling girl cosmetics

Stay True and Fabulous!

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