Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm such a Lime Criminal!

Yet another Lime Crime Hauling!

 More carousel Lip gloss! Since i loved my Apple Candy and my Kaleidoscope, i decided to order two more! There are 5 lip gloss you can choose or if you want them all, you can buy the whole collection for $64.99 (US currency) and they are on sale if you're lucky to grab them! If not, well, you might gonna have to wait for MONTHS until they re-stock or...they might just be discontinued! Personally, i own 4 of the one i love. You might know that i already have Candy Apple and Kaleidoscope and wonder what these 2 are?

Well, it's Loop-de-loop and Golden ticket! \(^_^)/

Loop-de-loop is a very deep sapphire/blue with iridescent sparkle in it!

Golden ticket is like a liquid,warm metallic gold with a semi opaque coverage as the others. As it is already metallic, i can't really see sparkles in it like the other has but by the look of it, it is already a gorgeous and unusual lip gloss!

Let's take a closer look of the lip gloss in their tubes. I love how the swirls shows the beauty of their color and how the sparkles lights up in them. Let's see some swatches now shall we?

This is Golden ticket on bare lips, as you can see, it is quite opaque! I think this is my second favorite after Candy Apple. When its out of the tube, it looks like liquid gold that goes on smoothly and i had no difficulty in applying it evenly.

This is Loop-de-loop! A deep sapphire/blue with iridescent sparkle! Swatch on bare lips. Personally, i wouldn't use it as an every day lip gloss, more like for a mush pit party, rave or some sort or simply for a photoshoot.

Well this is all i got today!

If you want to purchase those items, go to Lime Crime!

But be fast! because they disappear like fresh muffins out of the oven!

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  1. Candy apple is my favvvvv <3 I hope they don't discontinue