Thursday, April 19, 2012

Going crazy over Wigs!!

So many time, i have been wanting to dye my hair in color but always hated the roots showing after few weeks or the color fading away to another color, let's say red to pink! Yeurk!

Well, i first order a wig for Halloween and i didn't want those cheap one that they sell for the event but i also didn't want to pay a fortune for a good quality one. So as i search throughout the internet, i found this website, KKCenterhk. I saw what seemed good enough quality wigs and really nice ones but there is always this fear of getting a disappointment. Looking at the price, i decided to go with this one:

To be honest, i was please with the delivered item, I loved the color of 2 tones blonde and quite frankly, i love the way it look on me, the cut and color. Since it synthetic, it doesn't feel natural to the touch but it does look natural to the eyes. The cap is easily adjustable to your head size and is quite comfortable. The bang also have a natural movement to it.

If you don't want to spend a fortune to buy a good quality wig, i suggest you go see KKCenterHk, they have a couple of style available and different color. Their price range from 20 to 50$ US.

Since i was very pleased with my first purchase, i decided to go with a second one but more of a Marilyn Monroe Look So i found this perfect bleached blonde messy curly bob wig! At first, i was afraid that it might be too "bleached" for me, well, since its a wig, what's the point of fearing it right? lol After styling it a little but, loosing up the curls a little bit more for a more messy look and voila! The perfect bomb shell blonde i have been looking for! And not to fear about re-growth! ^^ I fell in love with this one! It is also an adjustable cap so it can fit most.

If you want this exact same one, you can find it HERE!

What about a crazy colored one? I so wanted to find a Red one, like a true red one that was the perfect shade that i have in mind, kind'a similar to my platinum one in style. When it comes to find something online, i dig and turn every stones around until i find what i am looking for. So, after a long search, i finally found the perfect one! A Rihanna style, curly and vibrant red! The length is just right above the shoulder and its made of 100% kanekalon which is soft and silky and it feels like real hair! The cap is also adjustable so it fit to most.

You can find this one just right HERE!

These are my first 3 wigs and i think i will be getting a wig fever since i am looking for more wigs! Maybe another blonde one with a certain style or a teal colored one with a curly classic style! I have few ideas of where i can find them so stay tuned! ;)

Stay true and fabulous!

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