Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some serious thoughts!

Let's have some serious writing for a moment. There is this thing that i have been thinking a lot and can't get it out of my head and usually, i try to write it out of my head.

I have been noticing a lot about this on TV lately and made me wonder why? Why does cheater cheats? Then i came to start looking at my own relation and listen to why the cheaters (on tv interview) do it. In my head, it was something unthinkable for me to do but then i realized, maybe, it would be something i could give in to if my relationship goes dead in feeling.

In the beginning, all relationship is so lovey-dovey, how perfect you are to each other, how your partner seems to be too good for you, the honey moon phase! But then, everything has an end, you start noticing things that bother you, you no longer say the good thing about your partner but the flaws and how they don't seem to be good any more and how you wish they could be better than that. Where did all those compliments went? Did your partner became no longer perfect for you as you though they were? At this moment, distance take between the two partner, You can no longer feel each other's touch because all the tension that has built in. Resentment came along without you noticing it then you realize there might be nothing left but inside, you think you can give another try, save your relationship.

But to be able to give another try, there has to be communication in between. A lot of couple doesn't talk much to each other at this stage. Which makes it much harder for the one who wants to work it out. Maybe on the other side, the other ones had a "friend" to talk to, to confide in to. Some sort of interest might have take in. In that case, it will makes it much more harder to work it out, even impossible. At this point, you can try to adjust your behavior to how your partner would love you to be for the relationship to work out, maybe there would be a chance to save it. The hardest thing to know is, has your partner taken interest in another in the meantime?

Hmmm...I can write a book on that! I love to study situation like that, human behavior is such an enigma to figure out. Well, this is pretty much my though on it, if this has interested you, i might write some more!

Stay true and fabulous!

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