Thursday, March 15, 2012

A slighty warm days.

The view of the village from a hill
The weather is ivujivik is starting to warm up slightly, spring is almost here, maybe another month or so. People will start going to go fishing and hunting and i so can't wait! Well...the bad new this month is, our ski-doo spring's skis gave up so, this long anticipated trips for this spring might not take place. :(

Some of you wonder how we get our public services like sewage and aqueduct services, its winter, way beyond the arctic circle. So yeah, its damn cold to have underground aqueduct system they would freeze during most of the winter. So, we get daily services from Water truck filling our water tank everyday except sunday and sewage truck emptying our sewage tank everyday. During week end, we gotta be careful with the use of our water, especially when we live in a duplex with a shared tank from both.

  During winter, there is no many car running other than the municipality trucks and cop truck but there is lot of ski-doo which becomes the main transportation for people. With 7 months of winter this is the most used vehicle of the year. Whe the spring comes, most of the people will be going out in the tundra for fishing and hunting by ski-doo.

Soon, the Inuit will awake from the harsh cold winter to go in the land, which is an activity i enjoy and can't wait to share with you more of the live here in ivujivik.

What else would you like to see from this cold and frozen village at this time of the year?

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