Friday, March 9, 2012

Search of the perfect Red wig

A true deep red hair with sultry eye makeup...Does that look sexy? Until the color fades away to pink! Which is why i opted to look for a perfect red wig! Now there is the choice of length, short? Medium? Long? Then the style, wavy? Curly? with a bang or without? Tapered? Tip flipped? Razor cute? Well there is so many options! I have been looking in so many places to find one, i couldn't really find the right shade in a professional wigs store then i started looking on cosplay online store and i found this one!

This would be a perfect wig to impersonate the one and only "Jessica Rabbit"! I love how the curls are done on this one, soft and loose and the long bang swept aside to give a sexy dirty look! ^^

But is it the perfect on that i am looking for? Well, it would be if it wasn't that long! It was half the lenght and without the bangs or even the bang to the eyebrows, it would be perfect! Sure, i can give it a haircut but i don't want to screw it up so, my search continued on..

Long bangs swept aside, shoulder length, tip flipped, well, it a nice one but not so sure of how the bang are done, just for the length, this could be my choice. But then, i could find better one...let's hope.

Then, i came across Annabelle's wigs from a makeup blog and saw this one. I absolutely love how the bangs are long on the side and curly at the tip to the middle of the head, i almost fell in love with it! The problem? Maybe the shade, i find it a little bit too light! So i keep browsing on their website and saw another one:...

Just like my second choice but the length is longer, more like down to the bust and the shade is just perfect! And the tip flipped, almost as if it was razor cut makes it look sexy! This could be my choice, i am almost certain! but then i wanted to see what they had more so, i browsed page by page of their catalog and saw one that i loved!

Yes, it is short and curly, its like a Marilyn Monroe hairdo but with a red hair! I love the bangs and the curls on it, makes it look so hot! Red hotness! So, for now, this is my choice, i placed my order and now, it the waiting game.

The only concern i have is, will it be like this? or will it be totally different and a disappointment? Well....we shall see!

Stay true and fabulous!


  1. Ohhh wow thank you so much for posting this! I was desperately in search of a Katy Perry wig and the one from annabelles looks exactly the one i want :) thank you!

    1. Glad that this post was useful and informative! ^_^ :D I'm happy that you found what you were looking for!

    2. I also found another Katy Perry wig, the curls are more defined on this one

  2. Hi there,
    Where can I buy the last wig?