Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kaleidoscope, sparkle me up!

I had a feeling that something might be waiting for me at the post office, when i went there, i saw a paper, that little paper that makes me jump with joy!

Tada! Daradadaaa! Da! Taradaaaaaa! ( in a star wars note way^^)

And what was in there? O_o?

WHAT IS IIIITTT!!!!! ^^ lol

So there it was, my Kaleidoscope glitter lip gloss! With it came a sample of their primer which was exactly i wanted to try on!

 Again, in their lovely packaging, purple foil that reminds us of a merry-go-around and of course their cute stickers which we are all crazy for! <3 <3

I love how the tube shows the beauty of their color, it shows us all the glitter that it contains and gorgeous color!...i think i said that already! ^^

The gloss is a semi opaque coverage combine with a BURST of nebulesque sparkle that comes alive when the light hits it. It's a cruelty free and vegan formula and it glides on smoothly on bare lips or even boost the look of a lipstick! I always love darker color so this would surely look AMAZING layered on a darker lipstick and intensify the effect! Ooooh! I think i am falling in love with beautiful lip gloss.

Kaleidoscope is a plum-purple shade with blue/turquoise sparkles! Shall we now see a swatch?

This is on my bare lips with no primer, lip balm or whatsoever. The lighting is from outdoor and we can actually see all the sparkles in it and the purple shade is just gorgeous, fabulous!!

To complete this post, i shall show you my matching manicure to go with my kaleidoscope! ^^

Purple shade polish with silver unicorn! <3 <3
Isn't just lovely!

Stay true and fabulous!

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