Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gothmetic, For the goth in you

When you wanna start to build your coffin box, its never easy to choose what colors would give you a nice dark makeup. For sure, you can put the eternal black with some purple and other color that you might consider Gothic. But then, comes what lipstick would complete your makeup. For me, a nice nude peachy color would be perfect to complere a bold and dark eyeshadow.

To make it easier, i recently discover: Gothmetic! Gothmetic cover mostly everything that would need to build your own makeup box!

First, the eyeshadow. Apparently, their eyeshadow are highly pigmented, provide a smooth application and blends harmoniously with other colors.

They are available in these shades:
Anthrazite, Grey, Blue purple, Black and of course purple.

These are typical color for a goth to have in their makeup box. I find the choices very limited but good choices for someone who wants to start building a little kit.

Their eyeshadow mousse is perfect to use as a primer if you don't own any yet. They have a highly pigmented creme shadow for a long lasting and goes on smoothly, it won't crease either.

The color available are: Purple, Black, White, Blue purple and Anthrazite.

The colors are the same shades as the eyeshadow, it might be a good idea to make the color more vibrant but they should have at least make more variety in this.

The traditional Eyeliner. Its a long wearing liner that glides on smoothly that can be applied on the inside and outside of the eyelid. 

The available colors are: Dark Grey, Metal Grey, Black, White and Carbon Black.

Once again, good choices for eyeliner to keep it typical Gothic then again...very limited choices.  

For a precise, fine line, nothing is better than a liquid liner. This is a long lasting liquid liner that dries quickly and waterproof. But it is not recommended for the lens wearers.

Color available are:  Purple, Carbon black, grey and Dark Grey.

Their mascara gives you an intense volume with long lasting colors. it separated even the finest lashes and give you a dramatic volume.

They are two design for the tubes for this one, one with the fleur de lys like this one shown and the other design is with a gothic cross, personally, i prefer the design with the gothic cross. As a mascara, it comes only in Black.

A lipliner, well, a lip liner defines the contour of your lips and it long lasting color. 

The colors available are Satin (a nude shade) Pearl Lilac (a soft lilac shade) Plum (A deep plum shade) Black ( shade) and a Wine Red ( a deep wine red shade)

These are quite good shades for liner, especially, i love the Satin and Plum shade.

A long lasting, irresistibly light, silky texture provides a particularly soft and fine application. It contain Vitamin E for a softer lips.

The shades available are; Red (obviously) Black ( with a purple nuance) Aubergine (a nice deep burgundy shade) Passion Red (bright red) Rose (what do you think? :P) and Wine Red (a gorgeous deep wine red)

Personally, i love the choices that they gives us with the lipstick. This saves us from looking all over for a perfect dark shade of lipstick.

The 8mm lipstick is easy to handle with its steady back and forth rotating mechanism. Precise and comfortable on application with its slanted cone shape. This lipstick won't smear.

Shades available: Red, Black (with purple nuance) Wine Red and Rose.

I can go through all their products but they mostly have the same shade with all their products. Their shades are pretty much limited to Black, Red, Purple, Wine Red and rose. The typical shades of Goth. Personally, i love the shades but don't like the fact that they are so limited in shades, like their lip products would pretty much the same except in a different tubing or form, lipstick or as lipgloss. I love their designs on the packaging and product, very vintage classic Gothic! I am looking in ordering their product sometime soon, we shall see.

Stay true and fabulous!

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