Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012's latest beauty crazy!

This year trend seems to be going with the BB cream lately. Many of the company has come out with their own BB cream. Depending of the company, BB stands for either Beauty Benefit, Blemish Balm, Beauty balm. A BB cream is basically an all in one multi tasking cream. Some mistaken this as a foundation which not really the same. This is mostly a tinted moisturizer and some formulations include beneficial property like keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized, brightening and evening out the complexion but its coverage is very light just enough to even out your skintone and comes with FPS.

The only disadvantage is that it comes only few shades from dark medium,medium light and fair to light. The scent is kind'a strong though (Garnier BB cream), i can smell it from the tube and few hours after the application, personally, it bothers me.

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