Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some serious thoughts!

Let's have some serious writing for a moment. There is this thing that i have been thinking a lot and can't get it out of my head and usually, i try to write it out of my head.

I have been noticing a lot about this on TV lately and made me wonder why? Why does cheater cheats? Then i came to start looking at my own relation and listen to why the cheaters (on tv interview) do it. In my head, it was something unthinkable for me to do but then i realized, maybe, it would be something i could give in to if my relationship goes dead in feeling.

In the beginning, all relationship is so lovey-dovey, how perfect you are to each other, how your partner seems to be too good for you, the honey moon phase! But then, everything has an end, you start noticing things that bother you, you no longer say the good thing about your partner but the flaws and how they don't seem to be good any more and how you wish they could be better than that. Where did all those compliments went? Did your partner became no longer perfect for you as you though they were? At this moment, distance take between the two partner, You can no longer feel each other's touch because all the tension that has built in. Resentment came along without you noticing it then you realize there might be nothing left but inside, you think you can give another try, save your relationship.

But to be able to give another try, there has to be communication in between. A lot of couple doesn't talk much to each other at this stage. Which makes it much harder for the one who wants to work it out. Maybe on the other side, the other ones had a "friend" to talk to, to confide in to. Some sort of interest might have take in. In that case, it will makes it much more harder to work it out, even impossible. At this point, you can try to adjust your behavior to how your partner would love you to be for the relationship to work out, maybe there would be a chance to save it. The hardest thing to know is, has your partner taken interest in another in the meantime?

Hmmm...I can write a book on that! I love to study situation like that, human behavior is such an enigma to figure out. Well, this is pretty much my though on it, if this has interested you, i might write some more!

Stay true and fabulous!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012's latest beauty crazy!

This year trend seems to be going with the BB cream lately. Many of the company has come out with their own BB cream. Depending of the company, BB stands for either Beauty Benefit, Blemish Balm, Beauty balm. A BB cream is basically an all in one multi tasking cream. Some mistaken this as a foundation which not really the same. This is mostly a tinted moisturizer and some formulations include beneficial property like keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized, brightening and evening out the complexion but its coverage is very light just enough to even out your skintone and comes with FPS.

The only disadvantage is that it comes only few shades from dark medium,medium light and fair to light. The scent is kind'a strong though (Garnier BB cream), i can smell it from the tube and few hours after the application, personally, it bothers me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kaleidoscope, sparkle me up!

I had a feeling that something might be waiting for me at the post office, when i went there, i saw a paper, that little paper that makes me jump with joy!

Tada! Daradadaaa! Da! Taradaaaaaa! ( in a star wars note way^^)

And what was in there? O_o?

WHAT IS IIIITTT!!!!! ^^ lol

So there it was, my Kaleidoscope glitter lip gloss! With it came a sample of their primer which was exactly i wanted to try on!

 Again, in their lovely packaging, purple foil that reminds us of a merry-go-around and of course their cute stickers which we are all crazy for! <3 <3

I love how the tube shows the beauty of their color, it shows us all the glitter that it contains and gorgeous color!...i think i said that already! ^^

The gloss is a semi opaque coverage combine with a BURST of nebulesque sparkle that comes alive when the light hits it. It's a cruelty free and vegan formula and it glides on smoothly on bare lips or even boost the look of a lipstick! I always love darker color so this would surely look AMAZING layered on a darker lipstick and intensify the effect! Ooooh! I think i am falling in love with beautiful lip gloss.

Kaleidoscope is a plum-purple shade with blue/turquoise sparkles! Shall we now see a swatch?

This is on my bare lips with no primer, lip balm or whatsoever. The lighting is from outdoor and we can actually see all the sparkles in it and the purple shade is just gorgeous, fabulous!!

To complete this post, i shall show you my matching manicure to go with my kaleidoscope! ^^

Purple shade polish with silver unicorn! <3 <3
Isn't just lovely!

Stay true and fabulous!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gothmetic, For the goth in you

When you wanna start to build your coffin box, its never easy to choose what colors would give you a nice dark makeup. For sure, you can put the eternal black with some purple and other color that you might consider Gothic. But then, comes what lipstick would complete your makeup. For me, a nice nude peachy color would be perfect to complere a bold and dark eyeshadow.

To make it easier, i recently discover: Gothmetic! Gothmetic cover mostly everything that would need to build your own makeup box!

First, the eyeshadow. Apparently, their eyeshadow are highly pigmented, provide a smooth application and blends harmoniously with other colors.

They are available in these shades:
Anthrazite, Grey, Blue purple, Black and of course purple.

These are typical color for a goth to have in their makeup box. I find the choices very limited but good choices for someone who wants to start building a little kit.

Their eyeshadow mousse is perfect to use as a primer if you don't own any yet. They have a highly pigmented creme shadow for a long lasting and goes on smoothly, it won't crease either.

The color available are: Purple, Black, White, Blue purple and Anthrazite.

The colors are the same shades as the eyeshadow, it might be a good idea to make the color more vibrant but they should have at least make more variety in this.

The traditional Eyeliner. Its a long wearing liner that glides on smoothly that can be applied on the inside and outside of the eyelid. 

The available colors are: Dark Grey, Metal Grey, Black, White and Carbon Black.

Once again, good choices for eyeliner to keep it typical Gothic then again...very limited choices.  

For a precise, fine line, nothing is better than a liquid liner. This is a long lasting liquid liner that dries quickly and waterproof. But it is not recommended for the lens wearers.

Color available are:  Purple, Carbon black, grey and Dark Grey.

Their mascara gives you an intense volume with long lasting colors. it separated even the finest lashes and give you a dramatic volume.

They are two design for the tubes for this one, one with the fleur de lys like this one shown and the other design is with a gothic cross, personally, i prefer the design with the gothic cross. As a mascara, it comes only in Black.

A lipliner, well, a lip liner defines the contour of your lips and it long lasting color. 

The colors available are Satin (a nude shade) Pearl Lilac (a soft lilac shade) Plum (A deep plum shade) Black (well...black shade) and a Wine Red ( a deep wine red shade)

These are quite good shades for liner, especially, i love the Satin and Plum shade.

A long lasting, irresistibly light, silky texture provides a particularly soft and fine application. It contain Vitamin E for a softer lips.

The shades available are; Red (obviously) Black ( with a purple nuance) Aubergine (a nice deep burgundy shade) Passion Red (bright red) Rose (what do you think? :P) and Wine Red (a gorgeous deep wine red)

Personally, i love the choices that they gives us with the lipstick. This saves us from looking all over for a perfect dark shade of lipstick.

The 8mm lipstick is easy to handle with its steady back and forth rotating mechanism. Precise and comfortable on application with its slanted cone shape. This lipstick won't smear.

Shades available: Red, Black (with purple nuance) Wine Red and Rose.

I can go through all their products but they mostly have the same shade with all their products. Their shades are pretty much limited to Black, Red, Purple, Wine Red and rose. The typical shades of Goth. Personally, i love the shades but don't like the fact that they are so limited in shades, like their lip products would pretty much the same except in a different tubing or form, lipstick or as lipgloss. I love their designs on the packaging and product, very vintage classic Gothic! I am looking in ordering their product sometime soon, we shall see.

Stay true and fabulous!

A slighty warm days.

The view of the village from a hill
The weather is ivujivik is starting to warm up slightly, spring is almost here, maybe another month or so. People will start going to go fishing and hunting and i so can't wait! Well...the bad new this month is, our ski-doo spring's skis gave up so, this long anticipated trips for this spring might not take place. :(

Some of you wonder how we get our public services like sewage and aqueduct services, its winter, way beyond the arctic circle. So yeah, its damn cold to have underground aqueduct system they would freeze during most of the winter. So, we get daily services from Water truck filling our water tank everyday except sunday and sewage truck emptying our sewage tank everyday. During week end, we gotta be careful with the use of our water, especially when we live in a duplex with a shared tank from both.

  During winter, there is no many car running other than the municipality trucks and cop truck but there is lot of ski-doo which becomes the main transportation for people. With 7 months of winter this is the most used vehicle of the year. Whe the spring comes, most of the people will be going out in the tundra for fishing and hunting by ski-doo.

Soon, the Inuit will awake from the harsh cold winter to go in the land, which is an activity i enjoy and can't wait to share with you more of the live here in ivujivik.

What else would you like to see from this cold and frozen village at this time of the year?

Dark shades of love & passion! pt1

As any woman, we always have to have the perfect dark shade of red that would compliment our look. As a "Goth" it is a necessary to have one or many in our coffin box. :P

Dubonnet is a rich, deep shade of red with more of a brownish tone. It’s not really a blue-based red, nor an orange-based red–it’s truly one of those shades that works well on many skin tones. (Kind of like MAC’s Viva Glam I Lipstick!) It has a redder, richer look than VGI, plus it has the glossy sheen (though no shimmer). It applies opaque in just one layer, and it clings to lips without being drying. It holds up and wears for a good four or five hours and afterward, it does leave a slight stain behind. Definitely one of MAC’s must-haves!

Dark side is a deep cool-toned burgundy-tinged red with an amplified creme finish.  It’s completely opaque with a very creamy texture.  I love the way it applies–even, smooth–and it wears so well.  I usually get three to four hours with a lot of MAC lipsticks, but with such an intense, opaque shade, I can easily get four to five, and a subtle stain will remain for another hour as it fades away.

Dare you is a gorgeous shade of shimmering ruby red. It’s a deep ruby red with brighter ruby red shimmer laced throughout. It’s incredibly pigmented, and it looks opaque with just one layer. Dare You feels creamy, moisturizing, and it lasts a good four to six hours on my lips. It’s really a stunning red from MAC’s permanent line-up, and if I may–also an overlooked shade!

Media is a deep, dark red wine.  This is a shade that also works particularly well as a lip stain–just layer a little on, blot, and then dab a touch of clear gloss on top and voila.   For a satin finish, Media is very… lustre-like.  It has that slicker feel of a lustre finish lipstick, but it also has the look of one.  I do find that Media settles into my lip lines more than I’d like, though.

These are my 4 favorite dark red shades from M.A.C that would complete my coffin box!

Disclaimer: The text is from the blog temptalia and the picture have been found on google.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Search of the perfect Red wig

A true deep red hair with sultry eye makeup...Does that look sexy? Until the color fades away to pink! Which is why i opted to look for a perfect red wig! Now there is the choice of length, short? Medium? Long? Then the style, wavy? Curly? with a bang or without? Tapered? Tip flipped? Razor cute? Well there is so many options! I have been looking in so many places to find one, i couldn't really find the right shade in a professional wigs store then i started looking on cosplay online store and i found this one!

This would be a perfect wig to impersonate the one and only "Jessica Rabbit"! I love how the curls are done on this one, soft and loose and the long bang swept aside to give a sexy dirty look! ^^

But is it the perfect on that i am looking for? Well, it would be if it wasn't that long! It was half the lenght and without the bangs or even the bang to the eyebrows, it would be perfect! Sure, i can give it a haircut but i don't want to screw it up so, my search continued on..

Long bangs swept aside, shoulder length, tip flipped, well, it a nice one but not so sure of how the bang are done, just for the length, this could be my choice. But then, i could find better one...let's hope.

Then, i came across Annabelle's wigs from a makeup blog and saw this one. I absolutely love how the bangs are long on the side and curly at the tip to the middle of the head, i almost fell in love with it! The problem? Maybe the shade, i find it a little bit too light! So i keep browsing on their website and saw another one:...

Just like my second choice but the length is longer, more like down to the bust and the shade is just perfect! And the tip flipped, almost as if it was razor cut makes it look sexy! This could be my choice, i am almost certain! but then i wanted to see what they had more so, i browsed page by page of their catalog and saw one that i loved!

Yes, it is short and curly, its like a Marilyn Monroe hairdo but with a red hair! I love the bangs and the curls on it, makes it look so hot! Red hotness! So, for now, this is my choice, i placed my order and now, it the waiting game.

The only concern i have is, will it be like this? or will it be totally different and a disappointment? Well....we shall see!

Stay true and fabulous!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sugarpill contest on MakeupBee!!

MakeupBee has teamed up with Sugarpill cosmetics for a contest that will end on March 25! All you have to do is have some fun with your vivid and bright colors! You might be wondering, its a Sugarpill cosmetic contest and you don't have any of their product. Well, the good news is, you don't have to! You can use any brand with bright and bold colors! That's good isn't?  Don't forget to tag at least 3 product that you using. That's it, simple as that! :D

The prizes?

Each of the Top 3 winners will receive all of the following:
  • Burning Heart palette ($34)
  • Sweetheart palette ($34)
  • Bulletproof pressed eyeshadow ($12)
  • Goldilux loose eyeshadow ($12)
  • Darling loose eyeshadow ($12)
  • Lumi loose eyeshadow ($12)
  • Asylum loose eyeshadow ($12)
Sugarpill themselves will choose the top 3 winners and will be announced when the contest ends.

I am so going to try my best to create a make up for these gorgeous items! So, to your brushes and shadows! Set, Makeup!! ;D

Stay true and fabulous!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A new obsession!

Ever since i bought my daughter a "Monster High dolls", Ghoulia Yulp, i got curious in seeing the rest of that new sensation with kids. To be honest, i got so into them too as i was doing my research. Since we don't have them at the local store, i decided to wait for my travel to Montreal to purchase another one for my daughter.

The second purchase from the Monster high is; Operetta. Operetta is the most fashionable diva of Monster High School, with a great flair and passion not only for fashion but also for music! Born for stage, with amazing singing and instrument playing skills. From lovely chic puffed sleeves dresses, tight-fitting, polka-doted dresses or baby-doll mini-dresses to lovely puffed sleeves shirts or corset bodices tops that you can pair with cute pleated mini-skirts and stylish pants you can find everything you need in her extravagant wardrobe. And that's not all! There you'll also find some super exquisite accessories, too: just check out her super high heels and her unique jewels collection, too and then start mixing your favorite clothing items with these sophisticated accessories and put together a stunning look for her. Enjoy playing this new Monster High dress up game featuring Operetta, the most extravagant and unique ghoul of all!! 

My daughter had to ask for Draculaura, it was her first choice of them all since she is a Vampire. Always with her pale skin, fangs and big, wondering eyes, dressed in black outfits that she cheers up with electric pink. Draculaura is the Count Dracula's daughter! She's the coolest ghouls in the school and I love her trendy wardrobe and her scary cute pets, too.

I also bought Count Fabulous since i saw it being on sale. Count Fabulous is Draculaura's male pet bat, but is often dressed in a pink-and-white sweater and a pink bow which makes it looks sooo cute!! ^_^

As i was doing my research and purchase of the "Monster High" Dolls, i felt myself in attracted to them like magnets! So i told myself that i should keep the 3 new ones with me XD (my daughter lives with her father since we are separated) and she can bring her own, Ghoulia Yulp, with her.  I also got all Volume 1, 2 and the beginning of 3 of the series. Oh, i also forgot to include Lagoona Blue, Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the sea monster. She has a pet piranha named Neptuna, and is a transfer student from "Down Under" (the sea), hence her Australian accent.

I am planning on expanding my collection of Monster High, with Abbey Bominable, Cleo De Nile, Frankie Stein and all the rest of the gang! :D ^_^

That's all for now
Stay true and fabulous!