Thursday, February 16, 2012

My favorites mineral shadows?

Being label as a Goth, people tend to think that i wear only blacks and dark "evil" looking and pale complexion makeup. I must admit that in my younger years, i did use a more than pale foundation and black eyeshadow, well, my excuse for back then is i couldn't afford much cosmetics and wasn't skilled enough to do nicer ones like i do today.

Online shop has been my main source of cosmetics since i settled in the north, at the one and only local store you can be lucky to find a small cheap eyeshadow or even a bottle of eyeliner! But, its never a good quality product so, i turned to the world wide web in search of good quality make up. I did find some really good one that i am a big fan of such as Pure Luxe Cosmetics. I do own a couple of their mineral eyeshadow and the quality, i shall say is great! The color in picture is just amazing but sometimes, it doesn't do justice and to see the beauty of it is to buy it. You don't need to buy the full size if you only want to try but you can buy it by scoops samples! They charge only 1$ for the scoop and 50 cents for extra scoops, you can go up to 3 scoops per sample and it's about 1/8 tsp. per scoop. Isn't that a great idea? I suggest you try their Blue/Turquoise, Greens and some of their special ones such as OMG! and Spoiled.

Spoiled is a medium red violet with a blue interference flash. This is my perfect violet shades!

OMG! is well, the brightest truest red you will ever find! Its a deep bright red with super metallic red highlight! This is definitely my most favorite shades and none has come close to replace it!

Oh! and yesterday, i received my package from Lime Crime which i was gonna review their new Carousel lip gloss in Apple Candy and their Opaque lipstick, Glamour 101 later today.

I must say that i am on a roll for blogging lately! ^_^ :D

Hope you enjoyed it! Stay true and fabulous!

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