Thursday, February 23, 2012

Me promoting one and only cosmetic brand?

Being a severe addict of Make-up, you tend to be seen as a promoter for cosmetics. Well, today i was reading on being a promoter for a brand, i was interested at first but then as i was reading the application rules, i though this is not for me. Being a make-up addict who buys here and there, using this and that, you can't commit yourself to one brand of cosmetics. Yes, i do blog about make-up a lot but i don't commit myself to one because i do have preference here and there and i do have favorites that i stick to such as MAD minerals primer, Pure Luxe cosmetics shadows or Lime Crime Opaque Lipsticks.

To commit to only one brand is to limit myself to a limited palette of colors which i can't do. I do love colors and all the different kind of finish that comes with all of it. To commit myself to one is to let my creation and addiction starve on themselves...LOL, well, i am not "that" addicted, just has an healthy addiction about make-up! lol ^^


Stay true and fabulous!

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