Friday, February 3, 2012

LimeCrime Carousell Gloss Buzz!

Lime Crime seems to be buzzing around the cosmetic world lately. I knew little about Lime Crime until one of my friend showed swatches of their lipstick and i must say "Stiletto" was one of the shade i fell in love with but never got to purchase myself one. Then a year or so, i started looking at their eyeshadow and lipstick, there were quite few shades i liked but still, never got me to buy me some of their products.

Then for the holidays 2011, they came out with their Carousel Gloss! For me lip gloss were mostly likely a wash of color or sheer tint of color over the lips. But when i saw swatches of these lip glosses, i said to myself, these can't be "this" opaque and so much pigmented! My top 3 of this series of lip gloss would be:

Of course, the first shade that caught my eyes is the "Candy Apple" shades. This looks like the perfect gorgeous ruby red shade that we all looking for. If you look closely, this has sparkle in it! This is definitely a classic! I ordered myself this shade as my very first order from Lime Crime cosmetic.

 Then there is this interesting purple shade. I must say that this will be definitely my second favorite one of this series of lip gloss.This shades is called Kaleidoscope , apparently this is one their best selling shades.

And last but not least, this blue shade that reminds me of the moon in the night sky, a blue that looks quite opaque than you would expect from a blue lip gloss. It's rare that i would like a blue shade or even wanting to wear it but this one, i think i could actually wear it! This shade is called Loop-De-Loop

The other shade in their series are Golden Ticket, is a golden shade as if it was made of liquid gold! Cherry On Top, is a pink-red shade infused of rainbow sparkle! A perfect pin-up shades! 

As i am waiting for my very first Lime Crime package, i am anxious if it will actually met my expectation of the product or would i be left deceived? We shall see when i received my package!

You can find Lime Crime product here!

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