Friday, February 17, 2012

Lime crime hauling!

Since awhile, Lime Crime has been buzzing around the web lately and i never really got into it to actually buy their product. Then i saw their new lip gloss and i must say, they got my attention there even though i am not really much of a lippy person.

So i went to the post office to pick my box and i see a purple and white stripe box and i see "Lime crime" written on it! XD Yayy! I finally got my very first purchase of lime crime! In it, i see a nicely, cute box of Carousel gloss, an Opaque lipstick and a sticker!

Here's a look at their cute packaging! A purple box and a hologram unicorn on it! Just Cuteness! ^^ The carousel gloss is a pink and purple metallic, this i must say is extreme cuteness!

This is a gorgeous, perfect red shade! Candy Apple has a hint of sparkled in it makes it perfect for Holidays like Christmas or Valentine's day. It doesn't have that usual stickiness that lip gloss has but it glides smoothly and gives you a perfect finish and the brush is quite small and makes it good for a detailed application.  The sparkles doesn't make it look overdone but it set your lips to perfection!

Then comes the Opaque lipstick. I must say that i am on love with this shade! It might look lighter in picture but it is actually a deep red, wine shade. Perfect to finish a "goth" look with a deep red lipstick! I used this one on bare lips with no primer or lip balm underneath and it didn't dry up like other lipstick would. It stayed smooth and moisturized my lips. A perfect red vintage lipstick!

Here are some swatches, on the left is Candy Apple, lip gloss and on the right is Glamour 101, lipstick.

So this is my very first lime crime purchase and i must say that it went way beyond my expectation and that opaque lipstick and an absolute must-have for a perfect "goth", vintage look. To intensify the Glamour 101 lipstick? Layer it with their Candy Apple! For perfect red, desirable lips!

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