Friday, February 10, 2012

Like a child on Christmas day!

A package was waiting for me to be picked up at the post office today, as i saw a tape that says Sedona Lace, i knew this was my long awaited new palette!

Every since i got my 3 first palettes, i am still on the hunt for more!... At a fair price of course! I don't remember where i heard about this one from or i might have probably stumble upon during my search for the ultimate palette! This palette is a little bit smaller then my Beauty Treats ones.

Let's take a look to the content of this palette! The palette look like they are shimmies. As soon as i saw that they were shimmery, i expected them to be similar to the Beauty treats shimmer palette but i noticed that the shades are quite different from the BT shimmer palette and i felt a little relieved! If you like shimmers and colors that aren't so bold and bright, this would be the perfect palette for you! Unlike the BT palettes, this has a perfect mix of soft colors. But it is a bit more pricey than the Beauty treats with its price of 22.95$

I wonder what i could do with this palette, if you would like to see, follow me on MakeupBee!

You would like to purchase this palette? Sedona Lace!

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