Sunday, February 12, 2012

February in Ivujivik.

Winter has definitely gotten to its coldest. Today, the temperature has reach the -31C (-24F), - 48 with its windchill! This is a quiet moment for Inuit as it's too cold to venture in the tundra. But as soon as it gets to a comfy -20C, they take the chance to get out there for some caribou hunting, fox trapping or when the tides are low enough, some fresh mussels picking and sea weeds!

The sunset around 4pm this time of the year so it doesn't give much time to enjoy the daylight afternoon. The sky becomes like a painting in progress, going from blue with white clouds to a pink/orange sky to blue/purple clouds with the land going to a light color to dark within minutes creating shadow from afar.

Once in awhile, there are wild animals roaming such as this red fox. To my surprise, it didn't run away as soon as it saw me but observed me as i was observing it too. He was probably hunting for a lemming around the airport area, since few years, lemmings population has been blooming in town like rats in town. But when they get too close from town, unleashed dogs will chase it around town until it runs away or killed by a dog. This is why its so important to have dogs around to alarm the people for any signs of wild animal.

On a cold night, the sky offers one of its magnificent show, the northern lights! On this area where i live in, there are mostly green colored ones, extremely rare to see other colors. This is my favorite moments when i want to do long exposure photography, even though i don't have an excellent camera for this kind of photography work. (Nikon D40x) But i am thinking to look for some new lenses, maybe it will help.


  1. That is sooo cold!I love the pics! Now following!

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