Thursday, February 23, 2012

Every girl can be a Glam Girl!

Another discovery i made recently on my search for cosmetics glitters and came across this Glam Eyez Cosmetics website. As any other cosmetic pigments sellers, you come across some dubs but this one has some pretty unique colors. Since i had no idea about the quality about this seller nor the quality of the product, i decided to give them a try so i bought the Valentine Special package. Of course what's to expect of a valentine's day special but pink and red colors!

So here's the Valentine Special pigments:

First Row: Passion Red Glitter, Serendipity Pink, Hot Pink, Coveted and Love Potion.

Second Row: Coral, Love Red, Je t'aime and Medusa.

Let's take a look at the pigment shall we? Here is the Passion Red Glitter, it is an amazing red glitter and there is just enough sparkles in there to make it shine without looking too overdone. Serendipity Pink, even though i am not a big fan of pink, this is a beautiful pink and its also a glitter. Then, Hot pink! I must say it is a beautiful pink with a slight shimmer.

Here is Coral, well what can i say, it's a pink coral pigment, second, Love Red, it's more of a fushia red color then a true red but lovely. Then Je t'aime, i must say that this is my favorite on the stack, I would rename it as "J'adore"! Its a deep pink shade with a slight shimmer in it.

Coveted is a nice neutral shimmery pink and Love Potion is a beautiful sparkly pink with what looks like a little bit of gold in it!

So this concludes the Valentine Special pigment and glitter overview!

There were some colors that i wanted to try, well, actually glitters. These are Glam Clam Jars, they are selling them @ 1.99$ per jar, if you want a little more than what they give when you purchase a sample, you should go with the Clam jars. The bad side of those so called jar is you have to be careful when you open them if you don't want to end up all glittered and spill it all over. Its a flat container that can hold 0.8 grams of product.

 I took a shot slightly inclined shot because i wanted to capture the sparkle in them. From left to the right:
Pandora: a silver with rainbow sparkle!
Passion Red Glitter: This is included in the Valentine special
Violet Glitter: A gorgeous violet glitter!
Army Wife: A nice beautiful moss green.

Sorry to make this post fast but i have a really busy day ahead, so here are the swatches of the valentine special package. My favorites? Coveted, Love Potion, Je t'aime and Medusa! I must say that i always hated pinks shades but these are gorgeous and lovely! I absolutely love the shades! Glam Girl has made me fall in love with pink shades!

Do you want to purchase those items? Go to

Stay true and fabulous!


  1. you would be a great promoter, you can put everything together so nicely.

    1. Thank you! ^^ I am looking forward on my next purchse from . I got my glam eyez on The true blood collection! :D