Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello from Montreal!!

So, here i am to another business travel! I am in Montreal for the week and on my free time, i am planning on going shopping and sight seeing a little bit and hopefully have some time with friends i haven't seen since awhile. To tell a little bit of my work, i work as a youth coordinator at the local youth center in ivujivik. I try my best to do my job well and sometimes it ain't easy dealing with the isolation, personal problem and the youth but, i do as best as i can to make a change or at least bring something different to the youth in town.

I did a little bit of shopping already, things that i needed like makeup remover and cosmetics pads and also the new Maybelline; Illegal lenght fiber extension in blackest black and a B.B cream from Garnier in Light/Medium which i will try tomorrow. The makeup remover is a also a Garnier skin naturals, which i guess i will use tonight when time comes to take my mask off! lol

Anyway, i don't have much to write, here's a little view from hotel room! :D SNOW in montreal! I dreaded to be here without snow! but its a bit warm thought, no need for my coat today! :)

Stay true and fabulous!

Friday, February 24, 2012

The valentine with the glam eyez.

This is my look i did today with Glam Eyez cosmetics pigments! Since its a valentine special stack, well, i did a pink look with it.

I used my usual primer from MAD minerals and MAD indelible cream shadow. I used the Glam Eyez pigments in; Coveted, Love potion, Love Red and Je t'aime.  I also used MAC carbon on the outer corner. To finish up, MAC fluidline in
blacktrack and Maybelline falsies flared.

 I love how the "Coveted" look, the most beautiful neutral pink i got in hand, i swipe "Love potion" over since it was a shimmery shadow and on the other corner i put "Love Red" and "Je t'aime" then MAC in carbon.

Finish it up with MAC fluidline in black track and mascara!

There! I'm done for the day! ^^ I paired it with LA color in Pink sand lipstick!

Manicure of the day!

O.P.I, lincoln after dark
Konad special nail polish
-Silver with glitter

Well, that is all for today!

Stay true and fabulous!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Me promoting one and only cosmetic brand?

Being a severe addict of Make-up, you tend to be seen as a promoter for cosmetics. Well, today i was reading on being a promoter for a brand, i was interested at first but then as i was reading the application rules, i though this is not for me. Being a make-up addict who buys here and there, using this and that, you can't commit yourself to one brand of cosmetics. Yes, i do blog about make-up a lot but i don't commit myself to one because i do have preference here and there and i do have favorites that i stick to such as MAD minerals primer, Pure Luxe cosmetics shadows or Lime Crime Opaque Lipsticks.

To commit to only one brand is to limit myself to a limited palette of colors which i can't do. I do love colors and all the different kind of finish that comes with all of it. To commit myself to one is to let my creation and addiction starve on themselves...LOL, well, i am not "that" addicted, just has an healthy addiction about make-up! lol ^^


Stay true and fabulous!

Every girl can be a Glam Girl!

Another discovery i made recently on my search for cosmetics glitters and came across this Glam Eyez Cosmetics website. As any other cosmetic pigments sellers, you come across some dubs but this one has some pretty unique colors. Since i had no idea about the quality about this seller nor the quality of the product, i decided to give them a try so i bought the Valentine Special package. Of course what's to expect of a valentine's day special but pink and red colors!

So here's the Valentine Special pigments:

First Row: Passion Red Glitter, Serendipity Pink, Hot Pink, Coveted and Love Potion.

Second Row: Coral, Love Red, Je t'aime and Medusa.

Let's take a look at the pigment shall we? Here is the Passion Red Glitter, it is an amazing red glitter and there is just enough sparkles in there to make it shine without looking too overdone. Serendipity Pink, even though i am not a big fan of pink, this is a beautiful pink and its also a glitter. Then, Hot pink! I must say it is a beautiful pink with a slight shimmer.

Here is Coral, well what can i say, it's a pink coral pigment, second, Love Red, it's more of a fushia red color then a true red but lovely. Then Je t'aime, i must say that this is my favorite on the stack, I would rename it as "J'adore"! Its a deep pink shade with a slight shimmer in it.

Coveted is a nice neutral shimmery pink and Love Potion is a beautiful sparkly pink with what looks like a little bit of gold in it!

So this concludes the Valentine Special pigment and glitter overview!

There were some colors that i wanted to try, well, actually glitters. These are Glam Clam Jars, they are selling them @ 1.99$ per jar, if you want a little more than what they give when you purchase a sample, you should go with the Clam jars. The bad side of those so called jar is you have to be careful when you open them if you don't want to end up all glittered and spill it all over. Its a flat container that can hold 0.8 grams of product.

 I took a shot slightly inclined shot because i wanted to capture the sparkle in them. From left to the right:
Pandora: a silver with rainbow sparkle!
Passion Red Glitter: This is included in the Valentine special
Violet Glitter: A gorgeous violet glitter!
Army Wife: A nice beautiful moss green.

Sorry to make this post fast but i have a really busy day ahead, so here are the swatches of the valentine special package. My favorites? Coveted, Love Potion, Je t'aime and Medusa! I must say that i always hated pinks shades but these are gorgeous and lovely! I absolutely love the shades! Glam Girl has made me fall in love with pink shades!

Do you want to purchase those items? Go to

Stay true and fabulous!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lime crime hauling!

Since awhile, Lime Crime has been buzzing around the web lately and i never really got into it to actually buy their product. Then i saw their new lip gloss and i must say, they got my attention there even though i am not really much of a lippy person.

So i went to the post office to pick my box and i see a purple and white stripe box and i see "Lime crime" written on it! XD Yayy! I finally got my very first purchase of lime crime! In it, i see a nicely, cute box of Carousel gloss, an Opaque lipstick and a sticker!

Here's a look at their cute packaging! A purple box and a hologram unicorn on it! Just Cuteness! ^^ The carousel gloss is a pink and purple metallic, this i must say is extreme cuteness!

This is a gorgeous, perfect red shade! Candy Apple has a hint of sparkled in it makes it perfect for Holidays like Christmas or Valentine's day. It doesn't have that usual stickiness that lip gloss has but it glides smoothly and gives you a perfect finish and the brush is quite small and makes it good for a detailed application.  The sparkles doesn't make it look overdone but it set your lips to perfection!

Then comes the Opaque lipstick. I must say that i am on love with this shade! It might look lighter in picture but it is actually a deep red, wine shade. Perfect to finish a "goth" look with a deep red lipstick! I used this one on bare lips with no primer or lip balm underneath and it didn't dry up like other lipstick would. It stayed smooth and moisturized my lips. A perfect red vintage lipstick!

Here are some swatches, on the left is Candy Apple, lip gloss and on the right is Glamour 101, lipstick.

So this is my very first lime crime purchase and i must say that it went way beyond my expectation and that opaque lipstick and an absolute must-have for a perfect "goth", vintage look. To intensify the Glamour 101 lipstick? Layer it with their Candy Apple! For perfect red, desirable lips!

Do you want to purchase those items? Go to

A late V-day post!

Well, i am blogging about the pretty things i did on V-day so yeah, i am a little late on that. I did myself a little V-day manicure!

I used a natural base coat from O.P.I, White peony from NUBAR and KONAD image plate M73 in Special nail polish in Red! ^^ ....and yeah, i didn't bother cleaning the excess polish on the border ^^"

With the image plates, M46 and M47, i decided to spell out LOVE on it, i might have overdone it with the letters though, don't you think? ^^

AND! well, i did a simple eyeshadow , very neutral, natural looking...

This is pretty much what i did for V-day! Didn't overdo or go overboard with this this year :) It's always nice to keep things simple sometimes :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My favorites mineral shadows?

Being label as a Goth, people tend to think that i wear only blacks and dark "evil" looking and pale complexion makeup. I must admit that in my younger years, i did use a more than pale foundation and black eyeshadow, well, my excuse for back then is i couldn't afford much cosmetics and wasn't skilled enough to do nicer ones like i do today.

Online shop has been my main source of cosmetics since i settled in the north, at the one and only local store you can be lucky to find a small cheap eyeshadow or even a bottle of eyeliner! But, its never a good quality product so, i turned to the world wide web in search of good quality make up. I did find some really good one that i am a big fan of such as Pure Luxe Cosmetics. I do own a couple of their mineral eyeshadow and the quality, i shall say is great! The color in picture is just amazing but sometimes, it doesn't do justice and to see the beauty of it is to buy it. You don't need to buy the full size if you only want to try but you can buy it by scoops samples! They charge only 1$ for the scoop and 50 cents for extra scoops, you can go up to 3 scoops per sample and it's about 1/8 tsp. per scoop. Isn't that a great idea? I suggest you try their Blue/Turquoise, Greens and some of their special ones such as OMG! and Spoiled.

Spoiled is a medium red violet with a blue interference flash. This is my perfect violet shades!

OMG! is well, the brightest truest red you will ever find! Its a deep bright red with super metallic red highlight! This is definitely my most favorite shades and none has come close to replace it!

Oh! and yesterday, i received my package from Lime Crime which i was gonna review their new Carousel lip gloss in Apple Candy and their Opaque lipstick, Glamour 101 later today.

I must say that i am on a roll for blogging lately! ^_^ :D

Hope you enjoyed it! Stay true and fabulous!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Art of eyeshadows!

If you haven't seen my Makeupbee profile yet, here are some look that you will see!

 This look has been create with my Beauty Treats 88 professional eyeshadow with the 3 different purple shades and a neutral shadow as highlight. As a primer, i always use my MAD minerals primer in Light, MAC fluidline in blacktrack as eyeliner and Maybelline mascara, here i used the Falsies volum' express flared, hydrofuge.

 This one, still the same BT 88 professional palette, warm eye palette.

For this look, i used MAC glitter, Reflects blackened red with Carbon.

 For this green look, i used the BT 88 professional eyeshadow, matte palette, with 3 different shades of green.

With neutral pinup look, i used the BT 88 professional eyeshadow, warm eye palette with 3 different shades of neutral.

 For this one, i used MAD minerals, Wedding (a white shimmery shade with light sparkle) The pink shades is from my BT 88 professional eyeshadow, The shimmer palette.

And as my last one, i used; MAD mineral Wedding. The pink, red and black shades are from my BT 88 professional eyeshadow, the shimmer palette.

 So, here are a little preview of what's on my Makeupbee profile. If you want to see more of my look and upcoming look, Follow me on Makeupbee!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February in Ivujivik.

Winter has definitely gotten to its coldest. Today, the temperature has reach the -31C (-24F), - 48 with its windchill! This is a quiet moment for Inuit as it's too cold to venture in the tundra. But as soon as it gets to a comfy -20C, they take the chance to get out there for some caribou hunting, fox trapping or when the tides are low enough, some fresh mussels picking and sea weeds!

The sunset around 4pm this time of the year so it doesn't give much time to enjoy the daylight afternoon. The sky becomes like a painting in progress, going from blue with white clouds to a pink/orange sky to blue/purple clouds with the land going to a light color to dark within minutes creating shadow from afar.

Once in awhile, there are wild animals roaming such as this red fox. To my surprise, it didn't run away as soon as it saw me but observed me as i was observing it too. He was probably hunting for a lemming around the airport area, since few years, lemmings population has been blooming in town like rats in town. But when they get too close from town, unleashed dogs will chase it around town until it runs away or killed by a dog. This is why its so important to have dogs around to alarm the people for any signs of wild animal.

On a cold night, the sky offers one of its magnificent show, the northern lights! On this area where i live in, there are mostly green colored ones, extremely rare to see other colors. This is my favorite moments when i want to do long exposure photography, even though i don't have an excellent camera for this kind of photography work. (Nikon D40x) But i am thinking to look for some new lenses, maybe it will help.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Like a child on Christmas day!

A package was waiting for me to be picked up at the post office today, as i saw a tape that says Sedona Lace, i knew this was my long awaited new palette!

Every since i got my 3 first palettes, i am still on the hunt for more!... At a fair price of course! I don't remember where i heard about this one from or i might have probably stumble upon during my search for the ultimate palette! This palette is a little bit smaller then my Beauty Treats ones.

Let's take a look to the content of this palette! The palette look like they are shimmies. As soon as i saw that they were shimmery, i expected them to be similar to the Beauty treats shimmer palette but i noticed that the shades are quite different from the BT shimmer palette and i felt a little relieved! If you like shimmers and colors that aren't so bold and bright, this would be the perfect palette for you! Unlike the BT palettes, this has a perfect mix of soft colors. But it is a bit more pricey than the Beauty treats with its price of 22.95$

I wonder what i could do with this palette, if you would like to see, follow me on MakeupBee!

You would like to purchase this palette? Sedona Lace!

My main eyeshadow palettes!

Since few years now, i have been trying to stay away from the high brand name such as MAC, Make-up forever, Urban Decay to name only a few. It is amazing of what you can find out there that you can't find in store, here in Canada. My most favorite pigments of these days is Pure Luxe cosmetics and my favorite primer is always from MAD minerals, i did try other primer but nothing has come close to what my MAD mineral primer can do!

Instead of buying one shadow at a time, i have been looking for a good quality palette. Then i came across these 3 inexpensive palettes from Brigette's boutique. At first i was very skeptical about the quality because of its price. Only 16.50$ each! I couldn't believe they were so inexpensive for 88 eyeshadow palette! Beauty Treats is a brand i didn't know much about but i was willing to give it a try. I mean c'mon! How can a make-up freak skip this right? If it didn't met my expectations, i would have given them to my daughter who loves playing with my make-up box! lol

Now, let's take a look of the palettes, shall we?
The first one is the 88 professional eyeshadow. All the colors have a matte finish, it has a little bit of everything from cool, warm and neutral shades. From the 3 of them, this is my most favorite one.

Then there is the 88 professional eyeshadow, Warm eye palette. This is a very neutral palette. You can create a neutral grey, gold to a taupe neutral look. When i don't want to look like i have too much make up on, i use this palette, which i must say, it has an excellent choice for a perfect neutral look that you can deepen the shades for an evening look!

And last but not least, the 88 professional shimmer palette! This is an excellent palette for creating a more colorful, dramatic look. Since its a shimmery palette, it has a little sparkle in them so its prefect for a special occasion make-up. My favorite on this one are the greens, and browns.

So did the palettes met my expectations? YES! These palettes are highly pigmented and last long, for a deeper , longer lasting effect, you can apply them wet! The size and variety of the palette are excellent for traveling, instead of those single and tiny eyeshadow, this can save you space if you're someone who travel a lot! I highly recommend these palettes to any make-up freak like me! ^^

You can see all the looks i did with these palettes on my MakeupBee profile!

Friday, February 3, 2012

LimeCrime Carousell Gloss Buzz!

Lime Crime seems to be buzzing around the cosmetic world lately. I knew little about Lime Crime until one of my friend showed swatches of their lipstick and i must say "Stiletto" was one of the shade i fell in love with but never got to purchase myself one. Then a year or so, i started looking at their eyeshadow and lipstick, there were quite few shades i liked but still, never got me to buy me some of their products.

Then for the holidays 2011, they came out with their Carousel Gloss! For me lip gloss were mostly likely a wash of color or sheer tint of color over the lips. But when i saw swatches of these lip glosses, i said to myself, these can't be "this" opaque and so much pigmented! My top 3 of this series of lip gloss would be:

Of course, the first shade that caught my eyes is the "Candy Apple" shades. This looks like the perfect gorgeous ruby red shade that we all looking for. If you look closely, this has sparkle in it! This is definitely a classic! I ordered myself this shade as my very first order from Lime Crime cosmetic.

 Then there is this interesting purple shade. I must say that this will be definitely my second favorite one of this series of lip gloss.This shades is called Kaleidoscope , apparently this is one their best selling shades.

And last but not least, this blue shade that reminds me of the moon in the night sky, a blue that looks quite opaque than you would expect from a blue lip gloss. It's rare that i would like a blue shade or even wanting to wear it but this one, i think i could actually wear it! This shade is called Loop-De-Loop

The other shade in their series are Golden Ticket, is a golden shade as if it was made of liquid gold! Cherry On Top, is a pink-red shade infused of rainbow sparkle! A perfect pin-up shades! 

As i am waiting for my very first Lime Crime package, i am anxious if it will actually met my expectation of the product or would i be left deceived? We shall see when i received my package!

You can find Lime Crime product here!