Sunday, November 18, 2012

My ever growing wig collection!

Ever since i first started ordering wigs from Annabelle's wigs, my collection has been growing! I love this brand that i order at least one or two wigs per month. They are very good quality wigs, look real and natural to the touch. I recently change my usual full wig order to a 3/4 wig or called half-wig. I must say i fell in love with their half-wigs! Sometimes, the curls doesn't hold up very well or too long when you have thick hair so this is my solution for a fabulous hair day!

Wigs are a very goos alternative when you don't want to dye your hair and pay the expensive care just to maintain your hair color or save you from a lazy, bad hair day. If you are looking for a good quality wig? I highly recommend Annabelle's wigs! ^_^

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A package from Pinky Paradise!

Since awhile now, i have been into circle lenses and been reading a lot on review and snap shots of them. Since i have dark eyes and never bought contact lenses on my own other than from my own eye doctor, i was a bit hesitant. Afraid that it might be a bad quality ones or damaging my eyes because of them. I actually got my first circle lens awhile back, grey ones that enlarge the size of your eyes. I couldn't find those lenses since i have been moving around since awhile. So, i bought new ones, Princess Pinky Twilight Grey!

The Price: $28.90

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal
What inside: One pair of lenses and one cutie animal lens case

I love grey eye color so i decided to order a pair with prescription, took a chance there since my kind of lenses are toric and at that time of ordering them, i didn't find any toric one so i took the risk. they are available only in plano.

So, how does it look?

From an indoor light. We can see ow opaque it covers the dark color of my eyes and comes out bright and vibrant.

With flash. Of course, it is more apparent and more vibrant with a flash and the inner brown color blends almost to your eyes for a natural look.

With these lenses, there is no obvious enlargement of the pupil, a look that i came to like even more when there are colored lenses. They are a bit uncomfortable, i dunno if it due because they are new or because they are plano and not toric ones. My next one will be Toric Circle lenses which i managed to find! :D

Stay true and fabulous!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Package received!! ^^

Yesterday, i received my Annabelle's wigs package!!

This was my 50$ spending challenge of last month, stylish and very trendy red, tapered tip flip wig with a gorgeous, flattering fringe that sweeps to the side for an ultra trendy look.Sexy isn't? ^^ This wig is made from 100% Kanekalon, which is so soft and silky, it feels like real hair. The hair itself is sewn onto an adjustable, light netting cap.

I love the cut and absolutely in love with the color! I want this done on my real hair! When i will be able to afford, for sure, it won't be with my 50$monthly challenge! ^^

Here's some more pix!

If you're interesting in this item visit:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Be darling, be girly, BE YOU!

Ever since i started buying cosmetic online, i prefer loose powder pigments than pressed eyeshadow. My very first findings were Pure Luxe Cosmetics and MAD minerals but then i started to like one more than the other on certain things. Pure Luxe Cosmetics as an example; i prefer much their pigment than MAD minerals and MAD minerals for their primer and indelible eyeshadow cream.

These two are my main favorite ones but i am always looking for a new discovery. As i was doing a research for a warm golden green, i stumbled on Darling Girl Cosmetics. I haven't made any purchase from them yet but they do have some interesting shades. What i like from the website is that they list their products by category, well, most website now do i guess lol. The first shades that i always check for are purples! I adore purple shades and it's always my first look, even though i own many purple shades but it's never enough!

"Alright-Ma!" is a blue based purple with sparkle shifting colors.

By the look of it, i love it! This would probably be my next fave when it comes to my purple collection, the price on these are 5.90$us for full size and 2.50$us for petite format.

As a darker shade; "Dark Heart" one word, in love! Ok, that's 2 words! lol

Dark heart is a blackened violet on a metallic burgundy base with blue and pink sparkles! This is definitely a sexy color isn't!

"What up moon pie?" is a royal rich purple with a subtle color shifting mica from red, orange and yellow depending on the angle. Quite unusual color shift for a purple isn't? But lovely!

"Sushi Flower" I may say that this is an amazing, iridescent blue/purple with a rainbow of "diamond dust" sparkles.

From their purple shades, this is my second favorite one as a light purple shade and i just love the way it sparkles but, pictures never do justice when it comes to catching sparkles on camera.

"Still at the nerd table" is a deep eggplant with red iridescent undertones.

Now, onto other shades, Green! Well, i took a look at their shades and only one caught my eyes;

"Die! Die! My darling!" This is a gorgeous kelly green with gold and pink sparkles! This is definitely a green i would wear often, looking sexy and dangerous! >:-D

I didn't really find any other interesting shades than these and that might be my future purchase when i will be able to spend for myself. I am on a serious ban lately but i can wait, they will still be available when i get the chance to buy then, for now, i can only imagine what color combination i can do with these!

DGC also has what they call watercolor paint pots. Its a multipurpose product, cream type base that can be used as cream eyeshadow, they also make a good eyeliner.

  My selection from these watercolor paint pots?

"Pyramid of skulls" is a deep shimmering burgundy. This would be an awesome base for "Still at the nerd table" or with "OMG!" from Pure Luxe cosmetics.

 Of course, i can let "Wildly dancing children" slip! This is an eggplant with some red flash.

This would look lovely as an eyeliner or as a base with "Sushi Flower"

In my opinion, i doubts about these paint pots because it says that they are not waterproof but once set they are pretty smudge proof, they also recommend to use primer with.

These are pretty much the items that i am interested in that website and i hope this was a new discovery for you too :)

If you're interested in these items and more;
Please visit Darling girl cosmetics

Stay True and Fabulous!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life in the littlest town of ivujivik

As i was browsing in my picture folder, i though i'd share some pix that i have taken awhile a back ago.

Ivujivik is the northest village of the province Quebec and this is where i choose to settle. It's been now 6 years, permanently, traveled from 2000 to 2006. Before that i used to lived in Montreal for 5 years. What made me decide to settle in such farthest place you might ask? Well, obviously, for love. At first for a guy (lasted 10 years) then i had worked.

That 2 story building is where my office is and that's the youth center. The only place that the youth has to escape home, gather with friends, play with video games consoles because many can't afford them, ping pong and such. The youth center is localted pretty much  right in front of the beach and that gives me amazing view of the scenery. Especially when the ice are breaking off during spring! The blue that reflects from the ices are just beautiful! But there is also the danger of wild animal! Polar bear have been seen near by the building, as close as the road just right behind it!

The one and only local store, Ivujivik Co-op. Well..the one and only store in town! What can i say about this, well, this is the only store to do grocery and let me tell you, you might never see such expensive food in store than in this one! When i do my grocery, it cost me about 200 to 300$ for let's say 3 or 4 days worth of meals! That's without counting the daily needs such as toilet paper. Even the vegetables doesn't arrive fresh most of the time and that's about the only things that "affordable", maybe next time i should post my next shopping list just to simply show you how expensive it is! I can't even imagine how a family of 3 or 4 kids or more can sustain with such expense after paying the house rent, phone bills, some, internet bills, cable...oh my! i just can't believe how survival can be harsh here! With both parents working and yet, they are barely able to make it and many, teenagers are helping out with all of this while other teenagers would be hanging out with their friends, going out for movies and such at their parents expense...

Luckily, hunting and fishing comes to a great help to families to make ends met when it comes to feeding the family and it is also a common social interaction among the Inuit here. Also, this is a way to get the most fresh meat that you can ever find up north! When hunters get a kill like let's say, a caribou, a beluga, seal, ptarmigans or even fishes, all the games are shared with family in the village, all 80 houses get to have their share, even if it means to have one fish, they are still very thankful of the share they get.

Then, there are the sunsets! Every evening, nature paints a different landscape every day, One as beautiful as the other. You will never see other sunset as those we get here, nor the northern light. The northern has its own beauty and magnificent views to offer every day. With each and every sunset i set, i am thankful to have made my day and hoping i made a difference in someone else life! :)

Stay True and Fabulous!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Sugarpill for a Lime Crime?

Since a while now, i have been looking at these 2 brands to new palettes of shadows, Sugarpill and Lime Crime.

For sure Lime Crime has me totally in love with their lipstick and lip gloss but when it comes to their eyeshadow, well, i'm not so sure but sometimes i get myself caught admiring one of their palette:

Image from

Chinadoll palette:
The shades that got me into this is the Fly dragon fly (Fiery red in matte finish) Goldfish (Bright gold in metallic finish) Jade-o-Lade (Rich jade in matte finish) and of course the Lotus Noir (Blackest black in matte finish). The only shade i am not so sure about this palette is the Parasol (Sky blue in matte finish)

Only one shade made me wait to make my final purchase but then Lime Crime announced their new palette to be launched: Palette d"Antoinette. Before even seeing the palette, there was one shades that got my attention, is obviously the purple shade shown on the poster for that palette. Then, they unveiled their palette which contains 5 pastel hues and honestly, i am no fan of pastel colors even if they are trendy these days so i went back to my choice on their Chinadoll palette. Their price? 34.99$us.

Now, about Sugarpill Cosmetics. I have not made any purchase from this brand just yet but i read a lot of reviews about them and they too get my attention on their palette. Unlike Lime Crime, they have 2 palettes and another one to be released soon.

Burning heart.

Burning heart is definitely one of their popular palettes and i like it too! This is my very first choice  when it come to Sugarpill palettes.

The shades are Flamepoint (orange matte) Buttercupcake (Bright yellow matte) Love+ (Red matte) and Poison Plum (Purple plum matte)

I absolutely love the choice of shades on this palette and it is my very first choice if i am to choose this brand for this month purchase. The color payoff seems to be great also and an amazing pigmentation.


Sweetheart is, well, filled with sweet colors. My opinion on the colors? I love the Afterparty (Blue matte) Midori (Green matte) and Tako (White matte). Since i am not a huge fan of pink so, i might never use the Dollipop (Hot pink matte) if i am to purchase this but luckily, they do also sell they shadows individually which i can buy my two favorites ones from this palette which are Midori and Tako!

Their third palette is due to launch in May 18th and unfortunately, i couldn't find any image of it on google...of course! But let me tell you, it does seem to be a nice quad. There will be a green lime, a royal blue, purple, and some sort of sea blue/green. They are all matte finish, this palette will sure be a Heart Breaker! This will be their last palette from their "Heart" series. Unfortunately, Sweetheart is out of stock and probably, they will be re-stocking it soon since there was no words of discontinuing the series! Their palette is 34$us each.

For sure Lime Crime has the deal with 5 colors for 34.99$ compare to 34$ for 4 colors with Sugarpill. But, there are more chances that i would wear Burning heart shades than the Chinadoll's ones...

I think i made my choice! :D You shall see when i will make my purchase and receive my package! :D

Stay true and fabulous!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Once upon a spring, in Ivujivik

I think i am so over due for an update on this blog but this time, its a different update, not the usual findings on the net. Let me share a little bit about how life is in ivujivik lately.

Picture taken by Elisapi Ainalik

Last week, it was pretty much a whole week of blizzard, well, more like 3 days of it. The wind gusted close to 80km/h at times, sometimes at 60. On a day like that, you have to fully gear up to face the wind. That means a very good parka, warm winter pants, mittens, scarf, a good pair of winter boots with good traction if you don't want to be blown away and ski-goggles! Make sure you cover yourself completely if you don't want a feeling of being sand blasted by the snow!

Picture taken by Elisapi Ainalik 

Since i move to the great north, i have seen a once in a lifetime event! These past couple of weeks, we've been seeing all kind of whales, Killer whales, Humpback whales and Belugas whales. In my 6 years here, i have never seen all those whales at one place at the same time! Apparently, the killer whales were on a hunt for a beluga! I missed the opportunity to see that day. The day after the kill, there were a lot of seagulls by the ice and opening water scavenging what was left of the kill. This is my most memorable moments of all time living here with the inuit. It is a moment that i will always treasure .

Picture taken by Elisapi Ainalik
Since i didn't had my camera batteries charged
i didn't had the opportunity to take pictures myself which i am so disappointed! We'll probably still have a week or so with the whales around and i hope to have time to snaps some pictures!

Stay true and fabulous!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Going crazy over Wigs!!

So many time, i have been wanting to dye my hair in color but always hated the roots showing after few weeks or the color fading away to another color, let's say red to pink! Yeurk!

Well, i first order a wig for Halloween and i didn't want those cheap one that they sell for the event but i also didn't want to pay a fortune for a good quality one. So as i search throughout the internet, i found this website, KKCenterhk. I saw what seemed good enough quality wigs and really nice ones but there is always this fear of getting a disappointment. Looking at the price, i decided to go with this one:

To be honest, i was please with the delivered item, I loved the color of 2 tones blonde and quite frankly, i love the way it look on me, the cut and color. Since it synthetic, it doesn't feel natural to the touch but it does look natural to the eyes. The cap is easily adjustable to your head size and is quite comfortable. The bang also have a natural movement to it.

If you don't want to spend a fortune to buy a good quality wig, i suggest you go see KKCenterHk, they have a couple of style available and different color. Their price range from 20 to 50$ US.

Since i was very pleased with my first purchase, i decided to go with a second one but more of a Marilyn Monroe Look So i found this perfect bleached blonde messy curly bob wig! At first, i was afraid that it might be too "bleached" for me, well, since its a wig, what's the point of fearing it right? lol After styling it a little but, loosing up the curls a little bit more for a more messy look and voila! The perfect bomb shell blonde i have been looking for! And not to fear about re-growth! ^^ I fell in love with this one! It is also an adjustable cap so it can fit most.

If you want this exact same one, you can find it HERE!

What about a crazy colored one? I so wanted to find a Red one, like a true red one that was the perfect shade that i have in mind, kind'a similar to my platinum one in style. When it comes to find something online, i dig and turn every stones around until i find what i am looking for. So, after a long search, i finally found the perfect one! A Rihanna style, curly and vibrant red! The length is just right above the shoulder and its made of 100% kanekalon which is soft and silky and it feels like real hair! The cap is also adjustable so it fit to most.

You can find this one just right HERE!

These are my first 3 wigs and i think i will be getting a wig fever since i am looking for more wigs! Maybe another blonde one with a certain style or a teal colored one with a curly classic style! I have few ideas of where i can find them so stay tuned! ;)

Stay true and fabulous!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm such a Lime Criminal!

Yet another Lime Crime Hauling!

 More carousel Lip gloss! Since i loved my Apple Candy and my Kaleidoscope, i decided to order two more! There are 5 lip gloss you can choose or if you want them all, you can buy the whole collection for $64.99 (US currency) and they are on sale if you're lucky to grab them! If not, well, you might gonna have to wait for MONTHS until they re-stock or...they might just be discontinued! Personally, i own 4 of the one i love. You might know that i already have Candy Apple and Kaleidoscope and wonder what these 2 are?

Well, it's Loop-de-loop and Golden ticket! \(^_^)/

Loop-de-loop is a very deep sapphire/blue with iridescent sparkle in it!

Golden ticket is like a liquid,warm metallic gold with a semi opaque coverage as the others. As it is already metallic, i can't really see sparkles in it like the other has but by the look of it, it is already a gorgeous and unusual lip gloss!

Let's take a closer look of the lip gloss in their tubes. I love how the swirls shows the beauty of their color and how the sparkles lights up in them. Let's see some swatches now shall we?

This is Golden ticket on bare lips, as you can see, it is quite opaque! I think this is my second favorite after Candy Apple. When its out of the tube, it looks like liquid gold that goes on smoothly and i had no difficulty in applying it evenly.

This is Loop-de-loop! A deep sapphire/blue with iridescent sparkle! Swatch on bare lips. Personally, i wouldn't use it as an every day lip gloss, more like for a mush pit party, rave or some sort or simply for a photoshoot.

Well this is all i got today!

If you want to purchase those items, go to Lime Crime!

But be fast! because they disappear like fresh muffins out of the oven!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some serious thoughts!

Let's have some serious writing for a moment. There is this thing that i have been thinking a lot and can't get it out of my head and usually, i try to write it out of my head.

I have been noticing a lot about this on TV lately and made me wonder why? Why does cheater cheats? Then i came to start looking at my own relation and listen to why the cheaters (on tv interview) do it. In my head, it was something unthinkable for me to do but then i realized, maybe, it would be something i could give in to if my relationship goes dead in feeling.

In the beginning, all relationship is so lovey-dovey, how perfect you are to each other, how your partner seems to be too good for you, the honey moon phase! But then, everything has an end, you start noticing things that bother you, you no longer say the good thing about your partner but the flaws and how they don't seem to be good any more and how you wish they could be better than that. Where did all those compliments went? Did your partner became no longer perfect for you as you though they were? At this moment, distance take between the two partner, You can no longer feel each other's touch because all the tension that has built in. Resentment came along without you noticing it then you realize there might be nothing left but inside, you think you can give another try, save your relationship.

But to be able to give another try, there has to be communication in between. A lot of couple doesn't talk much to each other at this stage. Which makes it much harder for the one who wants to work it out. Maybe on the other side, the other ones had a "friend" to talk to, to confide in to. Some sort of interest might have take in. In that case, it will makes it much more harder to work it out, even impossible. At this point, you can try to adjust your behavior to how your partner would love you to be for the relationship to work out, maybe there would be a chance to save it. The hardest thing to know is, has your partner taken interest in another in the meantime?

Hmmm...I can write a book on that! I love to study situation like that, human behavior is such an enigma to figure out. Well, this is pretty much my though on it, if this has interested you, i might write some more!

Stay true and fabulous!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012's latest beauty crazy!

This year trend seems to be going with the BB cream lately. Many of the company has come out with their own BB cream. Depending of the company, BB stands for either Beauty Benefit, Blemish Balm, Beauty balm. A BB cream is basically an all in one multi tasking cream. Some mistaken this as a foundation which not really the same. This is mostly a tinted moisturizer and some formulations include beneficial property like keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized, brightening and evening out the complexion but its coverage is very light just enough to even out your skintone and comes with FPS.

The only disadvantage is that it comes only few shades from dark medium,medium light and fair to light. The scent is kind'a strong though (Garnier BB cream), i can smell it from the tube and few hours after the application, personally, it bothers me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kaleidoscope, sparkle me up!

I had a feeling that something might be waiting for me at the post office, when i went there, i saw a paper, that little paper that makes me jump with joy!

Tada! Daradadaaa! Da! Taradaaaaaa! ( in a star wars note way^^)

And what was in there? O_o?

WHAT IS IIIITTT!!!!! ^^ lol

So there it was, my Kaleidoscope glitter lip gloss! With it came a sample of their primer which was exactly i wanted to try on!

 Again, in their lovely packaging, purple foil that reminds us of a merry-go-around and of course their cute stickers which we are all crazy for! <3 <3

I love how the tube shows the beauty of their color, it shows us all the glitter that it contains and gorgeous color!...i think i said that already! ^^

The gloss is a semi opaque coverage combine with a BURST of nebulesque sparkle that comes alive when the light hits it. It's a cruelty free and vegan formula and it glides on smoothly on bare lips or even boost the look of a lipstick! I always love darker color so this would surely look AMAZING layered on a darker lipstick and intensify the effect! Ooooh! I think i am falling in love with beautiful lip gloss.

Kaleidoscope is a plum-purple shade with blue/turquoise sparkles! Shall we now see a swatch?

This is on my bare lips with no primer, lip balm or whatsoever. The lighting is from outdoor and we can actually see all the sparkles in it and the purple shade is just gorgeous, fabulous!!

To complete this post, i shall show you my matching manicure to go with my kaleidoscope! ^^

Purple shade polish with silver unicorn! <3 <3
Isn't just lovely!

Stay true and fabulous!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gothmetic, For the goth in you

When you wanna start to build your coffin box, its never easy to choose what colors would give you a nice dark makeup. For sure, you can put the eternal black with some purple and other color that you might consider Gothic. But then, comes what lipstick would complete your makeup. For me, a nice nude peachy color would be perfect to complere a bold and dark eyeshadow.

To make it easier, i recently discover: Gothmetic! Gothmetic cover mostly everything that would need to build your own makeup box!

First, the eyeshadow. Apparently, their eyeshadow are highly pigmented, provide a smooth application and blends harmoniously with other colors.

They are available in these shades:
Anthrazite, Grey, Blue purple, Black and of course purple.

These are typical color for a goth to have in their makeup box. I find the choices very limited but good choices for someone who wants to start building a little kit.

Their eyeshadow mousse is perfect to use as a primer if you don't own any yet. They have a highly pigmented creme shadow for a long lasting and goes on smoothly, it won't crease either.

The color available are: Purple, Black, White, Blue purple and Anthrazite.

The colors are the same shades as the eyeshadow, it might be a good idea to make the color more vibrant but they should have at least make more variety in this.

The traditional Eyeliner. Its a long wearing liner that glides on smoothly that can be applied on the inside and outside of the eyelid. 

The available colors are: Dark Grey, Metal Grey, Black, White and Carbon Black.

Once again, good choices for eyeliner to keep it typical Gothic then again...very limited choices.  

For a precise, fine line, nothing is better than a liquid liner. This is a long lasting liquid liner that dries quickly and waterproof. But it is not recommended for the lens wearers.

Color available are:  Purple, Carbon black, grey and Dark Grey.

Their mascara gives you an intense volume with long lasting colors. it separated even the finest lashes and give you a dramatic volume.

They are two design for the tubes for this one, one with the fleur de lys like this one shown and the other design is with a gothic cross, personally, i prefer the design with the gothic cross. As a mascara, it comes only in Black.

A lipliner, well, a lip liner defines the contour of your lips and it long lasting color. 

The colors available are Satin (a nude shade) Pearl Lilac (a soft lilac shade) Plum (A deep plum shade) Black ( shade) and a Wine Red ( a deep wine red shade)

These are quite good shades for liner, especially, i love the Satin and Plum shade.

A long lasting, irresistibly light, silky texture provides a particularly soft and fine application. It contain Vitamin E for a softer lips.

The shades available are; Red (obviously) Black ( with a purple nuance) Aubergine (a nice deep burgundy shade) Passion Red (bright red) Rose (what do you think? :P) and Wine Red (a gorgeous deep wine red)

Personally, i love the choices that they gives us with the lipstick. This saves us from looking all over for a perfect dark shade of lipstick.

The 8mm lipstick is easy to handle with its steady back and forth rotating mechanism. Precise and comfortable on application with its slanted cone shape. This lipstick won't smear.

Shades available: Red, Black (with purple nuance) Wine Red and Rose.

I can go through all their products but they mostly have the same shade with all their products. Their shades are pretty much limited to Black, Red, Purple, Wine Red and rose. The typical shades of Goth. Personally, i love the shades but don't like the fact that they are so limited in shades, like their lip products would pretty much the same except in a different tubing or form, lipstick or as lipgloss. I love their designs on the packaging and product, very vintage classic Gothic! I am looking in ordering their product sometime soon, we shall see.

Stay true and fabulous!