Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Package received! :D

Being a stubborn goth and very picky when it comes to clothing, i look a lot online for clothing since the only and local store have more of street "hip-hop" wear than my kind of clothing. I received my order from Rock collection. Rock collection is a store that has an alternative and gothic wares, of course it is a UK store. I can't really find a "good" gothic/victorian shop in canada, what we find most in canada is kind of punk fashion style which is not really to my liking. Anyway, let's take a look to what i got, shall we? ^_^

Living dead souls white sleeveless top.  I love Living dead souls clothing and this top is just as gorgeous. I love the black ribbon detailing on this top and the rim around the arm? BEE-U-TEA-FUL! There is a rim of lace and velvet garnish with beautiful little black roses and beads all around it. It is made of cotton so it is very comfortable and stretches enough for a nice comfy fit and what to say about the classic skull and roses print? Amazing! At first, i though the lace of the arms would be quite itchy at times like a cheap lace would be but no, it's quite nice and soft.

My second item is, what other than a black jeans to go with it? Well, this is just a nice fitting black jeans. Quite nice and comfy.

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