Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ivujivik, the northest village of the province.

Ivujivik is a small town located at the northest point of the province quebec, actually, we can see the geographical northest point from here so we're close. Yup, this is where i live. I traveled on my own expense for like 6 years before settling down, it's been now 5 years i live here and to be honest, i quite enjoy it. It's more quiet, calm and fresh than living in a city such as Montreal.

On the other hand, leaving the city life has its disadvantage such as the choice of food at the store, here there is only one and only store and very limited as food stock and most of all, very expensive! But thanks to online shopping, i can manage in getting most of what i like such as clothings, make-up (just can't live without it! XD ) accessories, video games and such and being a "nerdy-goth-videogame-freak" i though i'd share my passion of makeup, videogames and some fashion, of course, mostly goth, punk, steampunk fashion and other cute things i come across online.

So, let's start the journey and hopefully, you come along. ;)

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