Monday, November 14, 2011

Hair Fall and Dreads

I always wondered how those girls in some picture get their hair in those huge puffy pony tail, it made want to have hair like that but every time i tried to make it, it either goes flat and die out or just fall. Then one day, i heard of the existence of the "hair falls". I got to have them! goes my pulse to look and find the best one.

This was my first purchase, a black and purple hair fall. I still don't know how to style this yet but i kind'a just left this one hang around. I didn't like it at first because where they put the fibres to the elastic band, they had to burn the end to secure it to the elastic so, mine sticks out when i have them on and looks like i have sections with little elastic all over the ponytail. I'll probable have to tease the end with the elastic to blend them more to my ponytail i guess but i haven't tried them on ever since.

This one is from Hair from hell, they have a ton of good quality hair falls, dreads, warlocks and cyberlocks. You have the choice of purchasing one with different lenght, short one, bust lenght and waist lenght, of course with each lenght comes a price.

Then my second one, twists dreads in red and black in bust lenght also from Hair from hell. I fell in love when i first laid eyes on this one and i had to have it! These dreadlock are available in 3 lenghts as a double set or a single fall. I recommend this one only if you have medium to thick texture because they are heavy to wear but a set of Minilox would be great for thin and finer hair or if you really want a long one, i recommend to have one bust/waist length. I love the twisted look of these, i wish they had a purple and black one with this style.

 Then i wanted a nice curled one and found this one from Headrazor! I've ordered this one recently so i haven't received it yet so can't really say much on the quality and look of it but on the picture, it looks amazing doesn't it? Can't wait to receive it and maybe i'll have more things to say about it and it looks gorgeous in black and purple...yeah, i always go for purple and black! ^_^

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