Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best shadow primer?

There is always this hunt for a good and lasting primer. When i started playing with makeup, i didn't knew much and didn't knew about "primers". I own 3 different brands of primers for shadows and i use only one of them. One of them:

The ever popular Urban Decay. I have on Eden and its quite a nice tawny matte shade, i love a nice skin tone primers to cancel out any redness on my lid and it quite creamy on application and since it is a brand that is pretty huge in the states, it does come a bit pricey but worth it, you can find it for 20$. Since it is too pricey in my opinion, i don't use it much, so that makes it not my favorite one that i own.

 It is a brand that is starting to come out in Canada but rare to find. You can easily find a little stock in store at Sephora since i bought mine there.

My second one is L'oreal De-crease. This is a drug store brand that you can find in any makeup aisle in big store or in any pharmacy.  In my opinion, i am not a fan of this one at all so i don't use it at all other than the time i tried it when i received it. Of course, since it is a drugstore brand, you can find it for a little bit less than 10$. It is not as creamy as the Urban decay (obviously, what to expect from a drugstore brand) and it comes to a nice skin tone shade and applies in a thin layer. Would i recommend this? No, not at all, unless you are desperate and in need of a primer and doesn't have much cash to put into a good one.

Last but not least, a mineral base eyeshadow from MAD mineral. This eyeshadow is lighter in shade and texture and yet it glide just like the urban decay primer potion but a little bit thicker. Since it is a lighter shade, shadows shows more brighter and bolt. It is also crease and smudge proof which it really keeps it words! I usually have oily lid at the end of the day and always expected creasing on my shadows and smudging but with this? I don't have to worry about it at all! Shadows truly stick on and has a true staying power. This is my most favorite of them three and only 9$, i truly recommend it and only swear by it! You want to give it a try? You can find it right HERE! ^_^

This is my little entry on eyeshadow primers and i hope it gave you which brand you would like to try :)

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