Monday, November 14, 2011

Hair Fall and Dreads

I always wondered how those girls in some picture get their hair in those huge puffy pony tail, it made want to have hair like that but every time i tried to make it, it either goes flat and die out or just fall. Then one day, i heard of the existence of the "hair falls". I got to have them! goes my pulse to look and find the best one.

This was my first purchase, a black and purple hair fall. I still don't know how to style this yet but i kind'a just left this one hang around. I didn't like it at first because where they put the fibres to the elastic band, they had to burn the end to secure it to the elastic so, mine sticks out when i have them on and looks like i have sections with little elastic all over the ponytail. I'll probable have to tease the end with the elastic to blend them more to my ponytail i guess but i haven't tried them on ever since.

This one is from Hair from hell, they have a ton of good quality hair falls, dreads, warlocks and cyberlocks. You have the choice of purchasing one with different lenght, short one, bust lenght and waist lenght, of course with each lenght comes a price.

Then my second one, twists dreads in red and black in bust lenght also from Hair from hell. I fell in love when i first laid eyes on this one and i had to have it! These dreadlock are available in 3 lenghts as a double set or a single fall. I recommend this one only if you have medium to thick texture because they are heavy to wear but a set of Minilox would be great for thin and finer hair or if you really want a long one, i recommend to have one bust/waist length. I love the twisted look of these, i wish they had a purple and black one with this style.

 Then i wanted a nice curled one and found this one from Headrazor! I've ordered this one recently so i haven't received it yet so can't really say much on the quality and look of it but on the picture, it looks amazing doesn't it? Can't wait to receive it and maybe i'll have more things to say about it and it looks gorgeous in black and purple...yeah, i always go for purple and black! ^_^

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I go Gaga for Uglydoll plush!

I came across this line of cute plush doll on I usual fall easily in love with these kind of plush, they are not very expensive and very cute!

This is my first one that i fell in love with <3 Obviously, being a goth, it would be my first choice. Now this one it's Batty Shogun. Doesn't he look cool? Then comes....:

Ice bat! This is Batty Shogun best pal, Ice bat! Ice-Bat lives in the freezer. Yeah but can he crash at your freezer while he’s on this whole Ninja mystery mission adventure dealio? Why should we separate 2 best pals and why not buy them bought right? Unfortunately, i can't find his other pal, Wage and Babo.
(This is secret mission Ice bat version, the original one is blue)

Then comes Picksey! Picksey is an inter-dimensional being. He can be in many places at the same time. That explains why you saw several Pickseys at the store you found him in. Pretty neato, huh.

I am so looking forward in owning those plush dolls, they are just so adorable and cute! You can find them at from 15$ each for a 7" doll for 30$ for a 12" doll.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Best shadow primer?

There is always this hunt for a good and lasting primer. When i started playing with makeup, i didn't knew much and didn't knew about "primers". I own 3 different brands of primers for shadows and i use only one of them. One of them:

The ever popular Urban Decay. I have on Eden and its quite a nice tawny matte shade, i love a nice skin tone primers to cancel out any redness on my lid and it quite creamy on application and since it is a brand that is pretty huge in the states, it does come a bit pricey but worth it, you can find it for 20$. Since it is too pricey in my opinion, i don't use it much, so that makes it not my favorite one that i own.

 It is a brand that is starting to come out in Canada but rare to find. You can easily find a little stock in store at Sephora since i bought mine there.

My second one is L'oreal De-crease. This is a drug store brand that you can find in any makeup aisle in big store or in any pharmacy.  In my opinion, i am not a fan of this one at all so i don't use it at all other than the time i tried it when i received it. Of course, since it is a drugstore brand, you can find it for a little bit less than 10$. It is not as creamy as the Urban decay (obviously, what to expect from a drugstore brand) and it comes to a nice skin tone shade and applies in a thin layer. Would i recommend this? No, not at all, unless you are desperate and in need of a primer and doesn't have much cash to put into a good one.

Last but not least, a mineral base eyeshadow from MAD mineral. This eyeshadow is lighter in shade and texture and yet it glide just like the urban decay primer potion but a little bit thicker. Since it is a lighter shade, shadows shows more brighter and bolt. It is also crease and smudge proof which it really keeps it words! I usually have oily lid at the end of the day and always expected creasing on my shadows and smudging but with this? I don't have to worry about it at all! Shadows truly stick on and has a true staying power. This is my most favorite of them three and only 9$, i truly recommend it and only swear by it! You want to give it a try? You can find it right HERE! ^_^

This is my little entry on eyeshadow primers and i hope it gave you which brand you would like to try :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amazing Inuit.

While watching a movie, the snow walker, it amazes me how Inuit can survive in the harshest environment any human can face. During summer, it is quite warm and more "habitable". We can easily catch some fish which is quite easy to do, some games to hunt such as Canada and white goose, caribous and beluga. When comes winter which probably last a good 9 months. i've been living here permanently since 2006 and i am just starting to see how life is for the Inuit in every seasons of the year.
Last year, i started getting more involved into their way of life and living it and seeing it is quite educational and enjoyable. The woman has a certain pattern of task such as sewing and taking care of the food brought by their man, partner of life or the head of the family. This season, they are starting to sew winter outwear. Such as parka, winter pants and mittens. I made my very first winter coat last year and i quite enjoyed the creativity and work involved in it. But also, sewing is a form of socialization among Inuit women and share new ways of sewing or new designs that they came up with or simply share stories from the past. To have made the harsh winter in the past most have taken a lot of work and effort to come up with new warm clothing. To get and kill an animal, gutting it then prepare the skin to make the clothing must have been a good long month of work to get to the final product. Imagine that with a family of 2 or 3 kids or more, 2 parents, traveling place to place, hunting and feeding their family. The kids have to be damn strong to be able to keep up with the parents traveling miles and miles at a time. 

Nowadays, there are settled in one place, living still in a village with one and only local store, on some, they have 2 stores, a northern store, if its a good village, a corner store. Live might have gotten easier yet, hard, very hard. The hardship of the past has been replace by a new such as paying the bills, rent, food and other daily needs. Its not easy to find and keep a job up here, you can find one and have a little comfortable life but then comes another negative side with the settlement. Like where i am currently living, there is apparently 75 houses or so for a population of nearly 300, many houses are left crowded. Most of the  house are only a 2 or 3 bed rooms, very few are a 5 bed rooms houses. So a family living in a 2 or 3 bed room house has to either share a room or scatter themselves all over the house just to have a place to sleep. Then there is the expensive spending on food, it is incredible to see how expensive things can get here, i usually pay close to 200$ or more for a week end food, i just can't imagine how a family or 3 or 4 kids or even more does to make end meets ends. Thankfully, hunting and fishing is much more than a sport here. I guess with that, a family can make it until next payday. Beluga, arctic char, caribou and seal are very present in the menu of family. It can be preserve in a freezer for quite a long time so i guess they stock most of the hunt they bring for when they would be in need...uh! i guess i just made myself figure how they make it with feeding their family.

In my 12 years of seeing and now close to 6 years of living with Inuit, each and every year, i am amazed to see their way of life and falling more and more in love with the land.

Package received! :D

Being a stubborn goth and very picky when it comes to clothing, i look a lot online for clothing since the only and local store have more of street "hip-hop" wear than my kind of clothing. I received my order from Rock collection. Rock collection is a store that has an alternative and gothic wares, of course it is a UK store. I can't really find a "good" gothic/victorian shop in canada, what we find most in canada is kind of punk fashion style which is not really to my liking. Anyway, let's take a look to what i got, shall we? ^_^

Living dead souls white sleeveless top.  I love Living dead souls clothing and this top is just as gorgeous. I love the black ribbon detailing on this top and the rim around the arm? BEE-U-TEA-FUL! There is a rim of lace and velvet garnish with beautiful little black roses and beads all around it. It is made of cotton so it is very comfortable and stretches enough for a nice comfy fit and what to say about the classic skull and roses print? Amazing! At first, i though the lace of the arms would be quite itchy at times like a cheap lace would be but no, it's quite nice and soft.

My second item is, what other than a black jeans to go with it? Well, this is just a nice fitting black jeans. Quite nice and comfy.

Ivujivik, the northest village of the province.

Ivujivik is a small town located at the northest point of the province quebec, actually, we can see the geographical northest point from here so we're close. Yup, this is where i live. I traveled on my own expense for like 6 years before settling down, it's been now 5 years i live here and to be honest, i quite enjoy it. It's more quiet, calm and fresh than living in a city such as Montreal.

On the other hand, leaving the city life has its disadvantage such as the choice of food at the store, here there is only one and only store and very limited as food stock and most of all, very expensive! But thanks to online shopping, i can manage in getting most of what i like such as clothings, make-up (just can't live without it! XD ) accessories, video games and such and being a "nerdy-goth-videogame-freak" i though i'd share my passion of makeup, videogames and some fashion, of course, mostly goth, punk, steampunk fashion and other cute things i come across online.

So, let's start the journey and hopefully, you come along. ;)

Monday, November 7, 2011


This is a blog that i wanted to restart with, instead of just a make up blog, i decided to restart a new one with a more diversified topics such as make-up, of course, fashion, hair does, video games, electronics stuff and such...Yeah, girls can play video games too! ^^ Also, share some parts of my life in the great north (yup, in winterland! :P) and hope to make it interesting enough for you to hang out and follow me! :)

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming posts that i will write in the days to come and get some feed back!